Film the class/ Newsletter coming

Had the guys in and we did the start of the class, basically found what they want, and its much more cabinet related than anything, plywood kitchen and bath cabinets, I had planned a segment for cases and bases on how i make and install cabinets, its a bit different that most, but works all too well, so I talked with them and we have decided to basically film this part of the class, so we have it to go in bases and cases, ya never know when you want to build your own cabinets or as a commission, so we gonna show ya,
Sherri is putting the newsletter together as we speak , we have a totally new format so her and ken are getting it all sorted out, I have heard a few frustrated sighs, but she seems pretty focused on it, trips to the little girls room have been short and no conversation in between, so I hope that is a good sign, not sure i should ask the old “how’s it going”, question, think i maybe should leave well enough alone, got a good letter and hopefully its easier to read and access…not sure exactly what they are doing..sure hope they do.
Ok , so we had to stop the class , go get some plywood, and cabinet making stuff, and tomorrow we get to get into it, and gonna film it, doubt you get a decent shirt in this segment, definately feel its cut off sleeves day…..and depending on how the news letter is going, will determine if I have to clean the shop up, so tomorrow we shall see….of all the things in the world , i think a computer can change a mood faster than anything else…. not me, I just get a piece of paper and a pencil, or better yet, look over and say “its broke”, someone fix it and leave… for me ..later guys

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2 Responses to Film the class/ Newsletter coming

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    As the “someone” involved in “fixing it” a lot of the time, all I can say is “gee, thanks a lot”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    The thing that gets me is when things break, but I don’t think I’ve changed anything that should have broken them. That’s puzzling and takes a while to sort out.

  2. Pitbull says:

    Looking forward to the next installment of videos. Cases and Bases should be a great success. Sign me up for a copy.

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