One Down One To Go

wrapped up our finshing class yesterday, today I am getting the shop set up for a woodworking class next week and after that except for one perhaps in October , classes are done, none scheduled …This class we just finished was super, small group, got finished with the finishing early ( wed), so we just kept going, did some bowl turning, cabriolet legs, hand cut dovetails, tested some different sand papers, sharpening, you name it we pretty much did it, I think we had all the tools and products pulled out, but it was fun and every one learned, Mike Galloway , and Jeff Fleisher , and Sam richardson came by, Mike was helping them turn, Jeff as well, Jeff did a demonstration on Chip carving, MIke brought some of his indian carvings, Sam brought some of his shaker boxes, and we sprayed a ton of finish, and really got into the rubbing out thing, its just amazing how the new products perform, much more effective and much much easier than anything ever used before , at the moment  I am headed back out to the shop to clean up some more, got to do the final thing for the news letter and have some more writing to do to get it wrapped up, then  on to the next class…alot is happening here behind the scenes , as I have told you before, so not getting a blog up every day, isnt possible, because we  fixin to light this thing up like the 4th of July, so hang tight…

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