Still Working…..

We’ve been filming and building all week. I wanted some unique cases in the DVD, one is a huntboard, it has all sorts of expansion and contraction concerns, especially on the sides, back and interior. Solid sides, backs, bottom and interior dividers all pose issues to remain stable and handle seasonal movement. I decided to put it in the ‘Cases and Bases’ DVD as it has a lot of unique joinery. The form itself is pretty simplistic but unless handled properly you could have problems. I have build 10-12 huntboards, buffets or whatever you want to call them. Sideboards is another name. Some simple, like this one, some far mor elaborate, but the basic construction is the same.

Another case we are also putting in the DVD is a clothes press. Lots of raised panels and case work and lots of secret surprises.

Both are from the “Southern Furniture” book:

Southern Furniture 1680-1830, “The Colonial Williamsburg Collection” by Ronald L. Hurst and Jonathan Prown. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

I have sold many pieces based on items found in this book. Mostly you get a history and a written observation of construction as well as overall dimensions, from there you have to figure it out, so we did some filming on how we do that.

Here are some pictures of the huntboard in process. The clothes press is still lots of processed panels awaiting final sizing and construction but except for some late evening and weekends, construction has to go on hold for two weeks of classes, then we move on.

Our plate is pretty full, there are several other projects in the works but I like it that way. I get emails telling me to ‘rest’ a bit or do something I like, what they don’t understand is, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Later ya’ll. I’m here if ya need me or got a comment, here is my email, tell me what’s on your mind. Click to Email Charles

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4 Responses to Still Working…..

  1. Bryan says:

    Cant wait for the cases dvd. Im definitly going to try to build one of those huntboards. Fantastic!!

  2. teenagewoodworker says:

    wow very nice huntboard… thats on my list to build sometimes… too many projects out there… i got time but choosing which to build is kinda hard 🙂

  3. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Beautiful Work, dude! We aspire to the standards you are setting. Really interested in what you have done to deal with tension and expansion issues. Are you using the same wood from the same tree through out?

    • Rob McEwen says:

      I too am looking forward to your cases video. You are truely a gifted teacher and furniture maker. I really enjoy your videos they is always more information on how you get there, then just the build

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