Finished turnings

Well I didn’t actually get them finished, but close enough. I still have to go back on the lathe for a final rub out and turn the tenon off the bottom, finish that area, but you get the point. I think turning can be a lot of fun and challenging as well. Hopefully this little blog we have done will help you if you encounter issues in your turning. It’s always nice when everything works out correctly, but then again, when it doesn’t, just get a little creative. Most would have scrapped these pieces…but not me…just had to think about it a bit and come up with a solution. The other thing with this finish is that it makes the turnings very usable, not just neat to look at, but they can be used, not suggested for a dishwasher, but a good hand washing and drying will not hurt them, that’s nice as well…

Note the old poplar bowl and its low sheen, it looks like it could have been part of the Jefferson household and seeing how it came from the poplar Jefferson allegedly planted, I guess, in a way, it did. Pretty nice to be able to preserve it for the future…I like that…

Well back to the shop and projects, those of you who are coming to the Finishing and 201 Class later this month are in for a “Doozey,” last classes of the year…and all that…looking forward to seeing you here.

If you’ve been following along, a couple of the pedestal tables and the drop-leaf coffee table were taken to their new home a week or so ago, here are some photos in their new home.

Later Ya’ll

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7 Responses to Finished turnings

  1. Awesome looking bowls…poplar has very interesting patterns/color. Did hit that bowl with a blue dye first?


  2. just a reflection Ace, no blue there , actually its black, and dark green just old spalted poplar…its been dead for a while and just got some age on it

  3. DavidH says:

    wow to everything!

    love those tables

  4. bob says:

    Nice tables! Bowls are nice too. But really like the tables. I am sure the new owner does too. Great work. The poplar bowl does look blueish in the photo. But then again, I’m part colorblind. Nice finish and shape to them all. bob

  5. Torch02 says:

    Those tables seem to fit perfectly in the room. Did you know the final setting before you started crafting them?

  6. not really, these were choices by the client , he had said a coffe table with leaves , and some candle stand type tables, we direct them to what to see from there,

  7. Kevin says:

    Man I have got to stay tuned more often. Those bows are fantastic. Love the tables as well. A customer of mine built us a table almost exactly like that, out of some Catalpa I sawed up for him.

    And you claim to be a novice turner. Sheesh. They look superb on all counts.

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