Turning Some Stuff

I finally took a little time to finish up the box elder projects i had started, and had to turn an end grain cookie from the Jefferson poplar tree. All of these pieces had gotten small checks. As well, the big bowl had dried out and split almost in half so I sawed it in two and then dressed the edges up some and glued it together the best I could. I then re-sawed it on the band saw and glued it back again. This way the glue seam was almost invisible…anyway, I re-turned it and here is what I got. Because all of these turnings are end grain, cracking and splitting is almost unavoidable, so i got creative. Here are some photos of what I did using some System 3 Epoxy ( the pour on stuff) and letting it soak into the wood to seal it up. Back to the lathe to dress it off. Sometimes it takes two coats. You can also use a regular finish after you have sanded the pour on stuff smooth. Now, what this does is that it seals up and solidifies the turning. The Jefferson poplar was very very dry. I wanted it to basically look like it had no finish. I wanted it to look like it could have been from Jefferson’s era, so the pour on stuff being really glossy was an issue. right? Not! I simply sanded it to about 600 grit on the lathe and used a little brown paper bag to buff it off. I got a nice old looking bowl that should be around for many, many years. The pour on is a little expensive and messy…but solved a big problem…I’ll get some photos of the finished bowls up tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Turning Some Stuff

  1. bob says:

    So are these all the box elder ones? bob

  2. Mike says:

    WOW I can’t believe you were able to make anything out of the the box elder other then fire wood. I didn’t think the wood was gone to hold together when the bowls were roughed out and they only got worst from there. It’s hard to see where you sawed the big bowl in half and glued it back together again. Glad you were able to save them. The wood is really to pretty to burn. Are you going to bleach any of the box elder?

  3. yes Bob saved and got all the box elder…just beautiful, the pour on really helped the endgrain material,,I had let it dry too long before getting a finish on it…my fault,

    Mike , i am not bleaching the box elder..it will make the white whiter but also kills the red alot…i like the slight amber tone it has naturally , and the deep red….really like this stuff, as to saving the big bowl, it was because we left it heavy enough in the rough out …took a little thinking , but we got it…

  4. not a log ace, but a big cookie i got from kevin as well…he has great stuff, these are the ones we did all the alcohol drying on, and all that stuff, so these babies been thru the mill, experimented on and let sit too long and all that, the salvage operation was something we decided to do to show how you can if you need to…when you think all is lost…think a little harder and outside the box

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    that box elder is a bear to turn…. lots of tearout as ive found… i was able to turn one bowl out of it but the other cracked right in have while roughing it out :?…. wish i had thought of your idea

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