Gabbing with Marc and Tilt Top Table

Did my interview with Marc (Wood whisperer)…probably talked too much , it went longer than expected…feel sure it was me, it had been a long day, but I enjoyed it…hope the others did.

Here are some Photos of the tiger maple tilt top we did in the router DVD, and i did a pedestal for it ,so we could finish it ,instead of just letting it lay around, I debated about doing ball and claw feet , and carving the pedestal, elected not to  , so just did a snake foot, I think when it is finished and all the figure is popping out , a Ball and claw would have been too busy….sometimes less is more… high figured wood you have to be very careful not to get too much happening or you hide the figure and it becomes Gaudy  ,  the carving can become distorted by the figure, for me carving looks better on more subtle woods…the top is an exception, the carving is just on the outer edges so it still allows the large center figure to show

I am quite pleased to see Jim, is doing one and doing it on lumberjocks forum…he has done a step by step, you might want to check it out , Definitely looks like Jim has a handle on things…I still have to order my top catch from Horton Brass, and more hardware for some case work…as well as we are finally getting to finishing up the bombe we have here…so will be getting the hardware for it   ….will tag you along

Today its back to processing wood , and making panels….it is still pretty warm and humid, but not as bad as its been , so its rock and roll…be safe guys,

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4 Responses to Gabbing with Marc and Tilt Top Table

  1. I have been meaning to ask this before…do you use any spiders…I see Horton Brasses sell them and have heard around the Internet…Horton’s are about the best. Dovetails do shrink and these smallish tables do get moved around, things get loose. 🙂


  2. bob says:

    Nice table. I like the keyed way you have the bird cage attached. bob

  3. ace , yes i do sometimes i make them myself but these are extremely nice ..and yes they should be used, the antique ones i have examined that have held up have them

    just smart to do

  4. Torch02 says:

    The first thing that popped into my head looking at that table top is that the edging just scream “Lean a pool cue against me!” But stepping back, this table looks like its going to be a bit fancy for your standard pool hall. Maybe a parlor in a large home?

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