Still writing and taking photos….dovetails

Been working hard on this photo series on hand cut dovetails, today I show the “power cheats”,   I know,  but they sure work.  The object is to get the hand-cut look.  Being able to whip through them is pretty nice. using a table saw or router to cut the pins is pretty sweet… but then again there is a lot to be said for  “mastering” the hand cut.  I haven’t a clue how many dove tails I have cut both hand and machine….but it’s a ton.   I hope my little photo thing helps.  We are prepping here for our book on water based finishes  so we are looking at how well we can show the steps in still photos… will look forward to your input…

One of the big things in hand cutting dovetails or even machine cut, is to be able to get a good scribe line.   I have often told you a cut line is far far better than a drawn or scratched line as it helps to hold the chisel edge to keep a perfect line, it’s just a must, unfortunately, most marking gauges  just do a scratch.  I would like to bring to your attention a  super nice set of tools by my friend and Internet woodworker Tommy MacDonald, some of you may know him as “T-Chisel” of the Rough Cut Show, anyway Tommy has come up with a set of tools that really help in cutting dovetails,  the angle gauges or better put paring blocks which help in lay out can act as a saw or paring guide too.  The y are on a 6 :1 angle (10 degree) which is one of the most common used angles.  The bat is simply a mallet and works nicely….good weight  and comfortable.  The star of this set in my opinion is the marking gauge,  it’s done right.  Tommy’s gauge uses a cutting knife made by Hock and  it’s the best gauge I have ever used, simply put…..I  hope you take a minute to take a look….

While you are there check out some of Tommy’s work and Videos as well…man’s good… You will be seeing and hearing more in the newsletter ……… here is link to Tommy’s web site

Well, back to writing,  photographing, and filming…and got finishing going as well so it looks like a lot of different hats will be worn today…later Ya’ll

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4 Responses to Still writing and taking photos….dovetails

  1. All I can say i thank you very much Neil.. and i am happy you like the marking gauge…not bad for a yankee 🙂

  2. Thank you Tommy, its a rarety these days to see something this well made that really works well….ya done good…as to the yankee thing , i still think you are a Southern Sympathizer …:) is Denis ..he he he he… , I thinking of sending ya’ll guys some grits….

  3. teenagewoodworker says:

    haha… ohh send the grits this way!!!!! id love to add a little southern flare to my meals 🙂

  4. Torch02 says:

    I saw Marc Spagnuolo’s review of the MLWW set. Looks like something I’ll have to point my wife towards as the holidays approach…

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