Small dove tails and pulling plants

I basically took the weekend off, needed a break, started pulling plants in the garden, cleaned out the corn, in the freezers, pulled about 2/3 of the squash and Zucchini, as well all the beets are done, cabbage, peppers, broccoli, and pulled 15 tomato plants, the freezers are loaded , and the cupboards are full , so left enough to eat on and see us thru the end of the season, as well I have enough to keep some going to the food bank and churches, but I am about picking tending, tilling, and and hauling stuff wore out, We had an exceptional season, still got 6 rows of corn coming, sure dont know why , and I still have 12 of our “Italian” heirloom tomatoes plants going strong, and cantaloupe, and Watermelon, as well as cucumbers and green peppers, and broccoli , and pumpkins and gourds for fun, oh yea Green beans, got a mess of them as well, just now coming on strong, sort of spaced it out so we wouldn’t be quite so overwhelmed…didn’t work real well but we tried….but the garden is reduced to about half, and that’s a good thing, its been alot of work but quite rewarding, Saturday, a single mom with 3 kids came by and she left with enough stuff to can and freeze to see them through the winter, and to come by every few days or so and get more….She is just one example, I like that….it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

I got all my finishing done , and cycled back to my pedestal tables, I did some of the small drawers , and worked on the drawers for our shaker reproduction, quite interesting , took a bit of trial and error to get the small drawers correct, the picture is very misleading, the biggest drawer i could get under this table that looked correct is 2 7/8 tall, 4 1/4 wide and 9″ long,  pretty small , not super small, i have done a lot smaller, especially in pigeon holes and stuff of that sort, but the issue here was getting the small dovetails , it has 6 on each side, 24 in one drawer, that’s how the original was , but that is a lot of dovetails in a small space, not hard but meticulous , the stock is 5/16 , the dovetails are cut at 12 degrees, that seems to give the most authentic look, the pins are just under 3/16 on the wide side and about 1/16 on the narrow side, I had to use a 1/8 chisel to do them, and that thin kerf  ADRIA  dovetail saw was a godsend ( ), I also used the Hock  chip carving knife as a marking knife, it worked super  (–1-x-12-Blade.aspx ), any way I got a few more to do , but they are doing fine, and I am anxious to get these wrapped up,I  will be able to focus on them harder now that the finishing is behind me, I keep looking at this little table and thinking it would make a nice project video, it really not difficult, and the drawers are optional, so tell me what you think, how many would be up to trying one,….Well  it out to chisel a little more and finish all the dovetails up, have a good Monday…if its possible….later ya’ll

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6 Responses to Small dove tails and pulling plants

  1. bob says:

    Dang nice looking dovetails. No one can really understand how hard those little buggers are to cut and chop. Until you do them. Interesting to see how you did these. I usually lay mine on the bench to chop. I like the way you have them captured in between the waste boards. bob

  2. the little jig simply gives me a stop saw point, as well it gives me a surface to lay the chisel flat to finish them out, simple but oh so effective, just be sure you have a good “cut” scribe, not a scratch,on both sides, the cut keeps the visable edges neat and clean, and no tear out….also keep your chisels well honed, especially on something like this tiger maple…works fast and well..dont let them intimidate you ..hand cut dovetails are not rocket science…just practice a little and study the photos a bit…and be patient…i mess up on 1 set of pins and 2 tails, before I got “the feel” ..I had made some poplar “practice pieces to help figure out my layout and soforth, so it wasnt an issue

  3. Ben says:

    That “a picture is worth a 1000 words thing”? This series of pics on cutting the dovetails is great. My hand cutting has never been good, but I’ll try it again with the pics as a guide. Maybe between the Smart tails and copying the little jig you show here – and lots more practice – I’ll get some hand cuts I’ll let somebody besides me see! Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Torch02 says:

    Am I reading those pictures right – you’re using a coping saw to clean out the pins, but a chisel to clean out the tails? Or is that just the picture you happen to take?

  5. charles neil says:

    no tourch you seen it right, the tails were too small to get a coping saw into, so i simply kerfed the tail waste a little then used a chisel to remove the rest of the waste, the pins allowed me to use the coping saw…worked well for me

  6. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Hey Charles, keep up doin what you’re doin, maybe the lighter touch on the garden and sharing it helps it grow??? Oh yeah water helps too..LOL

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