Freud Premier Fusion Saw blade

Well  I needed a new tablesaw blade, ( maybe want is a better word) so decided to give the new Fusion blade a whirl, I have always like freud products and especially their blades,  believe me when I tell you I have about every make and model blade around, I mean after all these years and numerous table saws , ya get to run a few blades, and I, like alot of others bought the “big dollar” blades and honestly have yet to see all the hype, and alot of my friends agree, just arent worth the price, this blade is 100.00 , not cheap by me, but I must tell you , its the slickest quietest blade I have ever ran, its a 40 tooth general purpose, but it cuts as smooth a line as I have ever seen, I cross cut some 12/4 poplar , as well ripped it, also some tiger maple, and cherry,all cuts as slick as glass…really nice, Im impressed, not trying to sell ya one just lettin ya know my opinion here is a link if ya want to see more

Well I been working on the candle stands and more finishing, would post some pictures but the girls are still out with the cold/flu thing, seems to be hanging on, tough stuff,and my  picture posting usually doesnt work out real well, but hopefully Monday they will be back feeling better, but in the mean time I am holding the fort down and, trying to get caught up some, so its off to the shop to make feet for the big tilt top , ya’ll have a good weekend…stay cool

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7 Responses to Freud Premier Fusion Saw blade

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    nice.. i have the freud 24 tooth rip.. very nice blade and there are some chunks of carbide on those blade. just a very nice blade.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve had a Fusion blade for a couple of years and think its slick too. In January I got a Woodworker II and they both cut great but I was thinking the Fusion was quieter.. and didn’t know if it was my imagination. I was wondering.. Does the coating on the Freud blades affect the SawStop’s finger detection.. say if you touch the side of the blade instead of a tooth?

  3. Chris, no it doesnt i have actually used a freud to do a demo on my saw stop to be issue was noted, and i can touch the side with the blade off and it reads detection…not an issue, this new fusion is a step up from the old, i have the WWII as well…i really like this better..just my opinion

  4. Yes, Freud gets my vote!! I use the Diablo thin kerf blades for my…umh… under power saw. Great blades for the money.


  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    freud are very nice blaces. i use a freud avanti 7 1/4″ blade for my segmented turnings and bandings… just figured id add that

  6. Michael Morton says:

    Charles — I’m looking forward to the arrival of my Sawstop PCS in another week or so. Just double checking that the Freud Fusion works with the SS riving knife no problem – I had read that the FF was slightly smaller than 1/8″ wide, so was wondering.


  7. mike no isuue what so ever…it runs just fine…enjoy your saw. and work safe

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