Shaker Candle Stand

I’ve done a few dozen candle stands as well as tilt tops. The one I am doing now is very unique. It appears in “The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture” by Timothy Rieman and Jean Burks. It’s quite unique, it has small drawers under the top, like the typical Shaker sewing stands, which had rectangular tops, as well, the diminutive proportions are different. The feet are only 11/16″ thick, the top has a sharp, beveled edge which adds to the delicacy of the piece as well the delicate dovetails in the drawers, which are reversed to be exposed, not typical.

In the photo, it has a bent wooden box sitting a top which is not part of the table, but because I like the box, which is round, I got my Shaker Box Guru Friend, Sam Richardson to bend me a box as well, I will turn the top.

The pedestal is very slender and simple, combined with the snake feet, it sure has an appealing look to me. So while I have two to make for clients, I am going to do a couple more and as well, two sewing stands with the rectangular tops. It’s been a while since I had anything much to “just sell” so these peaked my interest, but if they make it to the sell I’ll be surprised, all are out of tiger maple.

The book only gave over all dimensions so I looked further in “The Book of Shaker Furniture” by John Kassay on page 204 is a sewing stand that has the identical legs and a slightly different pedestal but size and proportion look correct so I will use the leg sizing and shape and ‘turn to look correct’ the balance of the pedestal.

I think it will be fine, done this a lot, if it looks the same it is the same – that’s woodworking.

Sweating over thousands of an inch or 1/64 doesn’t work in wood, at least not for me. I try to be accurate but variances are inevitable and guess what, it was the same with the old masters. Do your best, then you are done, just how it works.

Well, got to do the final coat on the walnut bases then make some feet and get them fitted into the pedestal blanks, also got to turn the big (32″) tilt top pedestal so it’s dovetails and turning today.

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4 Responses to Shaker Candle Stand

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Very Nice Charles,
    Wow, I really like the looks of the table. I’ll have to see if the library here in Newport has any books on Shaker Furniture!


  2. Nice. I remember in your “magic of routers DVD” you show how to layout and make a pedestal stand for the pie-crust table. Do you have much chip-out turning “tiger maple” on the lathe?


  3. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Like the phrase”do your best, and then yo are done.” I’m gonna add it to “sneek up on it”. with credit to the author.

  4. ace, Tiger maple can be a little touchy, using sharp chisels is a key, but also lightly dampening the surface with some water helps soften it so it turns better, i keep a damp cloth at the well storing it in a plastic bag with a sponge ( not in contact), for a day or 2 helps increase the moisture content and it turns better…it will dry down very fast so its not an issue later

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