Jefferson’s Desk

Well, the desk is built and in the finishing stages. The desk is pretty straight forward, tapered leg table, actually, the ‘creative’ issue came in making it work as a computer desk with a slide for the keyboard, yet retain the period flavor.

The biggest challenge was to get the false drawer front out of the way. I thought of having it drop down flush with the slide and be part of the slide, hinging and supporting it without a lot of issue was a problem. What I could locate for hardware was big and cumbersome, so I did it my way.

What I did was to drop the front and let the slide come over the top, that way, all I had to do was to support the front and it was no longer part of the slide. So what I did was use a pair of drop leaf hinges (brass from Horton Brasses) and did a 45 degree ‘scarf’ joint. This allows the front to ‘flip’ down and the hinges combined with the ‘pinch’ the 45 allows to support the front. The scarf joint also allows the pivot point to change, just like a drop leaf and the front to extend down and hide most of the bottom rail, running from leg to leg. I mortised the hinges flush for the slide clearance and the slide works with a simple wooden slot style track, all pretty simple yet effective.

This is one of those cases where you could really over-complicate, but simple sure works well. A lock will hold the front closed and the look and persona of the original is maintained as well. If it ever is no longer used as a computer desk, it could be used as a serving center or something of that nature or a drawer could be added.

Well, the walnut bases are built as well and finishing is moving along. So it’s finish some turning stuff, keep getting with the gettin’. We will be moving into a lot of cases so here is where we will conclude ‘ Cases and Bases’ DVD. Should release near end of August.

Will be out over the weekend scoping out some stuff of James Madison for the newsletter and as well for the DVD.

Out to the shop and get with the program.

Later ya’ll.

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