Walnut and Turning

Today I am working on another Thomas Jefferson piece, and the Seed Press is about done as well, will post some photos when finished, the piece today is of walnut as well its a small writing desk , but we will add a twist, we will drop the front and add a slide so it can be used as a computer desk, the interesting part will be how we drop the front , it will not be any fancy hardware , but more of our own undertaking….we also will not be using the casters, the mitered bread board top will be interesting as well….The Jefferson  Joinery was quite fond of miters…especially for bread boards…they understood wood movement…and used bread boards every where ..a good thing and the longevity of the pieces ,speaks for their success , here is a link to the piece we are doing  http://explorer.monticello.org/?s1=0%7Cs4=4_72

We are also wrapping up some Shaker candle stands, out of curly maple , these are quite interesting as well,and we will post them as soon as we have them all standing , I think you will enjoy them.

well out to the shop to taper some legs , and cut some mortises and get the table standing..then we go to work on the slide..got some ideas here we will keep you posted

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3 Responses to Walnut and Turning

  1. bob says:

    Interesting about Jefferson’s mitered breadboards. I look forward to seeing how you do these. Sounds like you have a full plate of stuff. That is good news in this economy. bob

  2. Bob , we are very fortunate , we do stay quite busy, sometimes more than i care, but i still would rather worry , about how im going to get it done than what im going to do…

  3. Newton EUNICE says:

    Charles maybe when you have time you can put how you do those mitered breadboards on youtube for us woodworking challenged. Don’t spend so many hours at the shop we want you around for a long long time. docnewt

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