In Memory

Have you ever met someone who was a friend from the first hello? that was Tim Rinehart.

If you recall, we went to the Woodcraft Benefit Auction for Tim….Tim passed over the weekend.

I only met Tim 2 or 3 times and spoke with him numerous times on the phone. Tim would always recount him and his dad building houses and he would always come around to ‘framing out hip roofs’ and how not many could do it and especially with a hand saw, nails and hammers. He would talk of woodworking with a twinkle in his eye and a love.

The WoodRiver planes were Tim’s last Hoorah for Woodcraft and it shows. Even though my time with Tim was short, he left an indelible impact, he was just that way, always smiling and joking, even at the auction, knowing his time was short, he was just Tim.

He will be missed…..I guess God needed a new roof.

If you notice Tim’s hat he wore at the auction, the ‘CIA’, we asked him what it stood for, he said “Cancer is Awful”. We will miss him.

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1 Response to In Memory

  1. bob says:

    Sorry to hear he passed on. But he is in a way better place. I bet he is doing a BIG roof! bob

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