Drop Leaf Coffee Table

Want to show you some photos of the drop leaf coffee table, I used a wooden knuckle hinge and a flipper to support the leaves. Like I mentioned last time, I apply the knee blocks or sometimes called ears, to the sides as well even though they are typically hidden, note the way I did the flipper as well, mirror imaging it into the apron. Has nothing to do with support, just simply finishes it off and is a nice and unique detail and a mark of the craftsman. It let’s those who will follow know the craftsman took the time and effort to finish the unseen areas and to care enough to do so, that’s how I like to do it.

Obviously I’ve got some finishing to do as well, I’ve also got some pedestal tables, finish the seed press finishing and we’ll post some photos.


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2 Responses to Drop Leaf Coffee Table

  1. bob says:

    Nice touch with the turned knob also. Does it hold the leaf at a 90 degree angle? Good work and beautiful wood. bob

  2. yes bob , the table leafs sit perfectly flat…sometimes if it doesnt you can glue a small thin Wedge under the leaf ..to allow the flipper to “lift the leaf”..also works on gate legs or any where you need a slight elevation lift

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