Crash and Burn

Well, as most of you know, last week I was doing a table build with a friend of mine. Limited time, too much running my mouth and other folks dropping by, it got a bit hectic at times, but we persevered worked late, kept slamming away, got finish on the base Saturday morning to leave Saturday evening, “Ride with the Windows Down!”, okay, all looks great, let’s screw the base on and get it loaded, my friend had a 5 hour drive, it was now 4pm.

Well, here is where the title comes into play, the base was 1 1/2″ too wide, still not quite sure what went wrong, we actually fitted the pieces for the base on the top before gluing it together….not sure where we went wrong. Did I add twice for the tenon? did I not allow for something? who knows, so the table remains, the simple solution is to re-make the center of the drop leave, which I will do.

The table is one board, all same tree, out of the big walnut you seen a couple weeks ago. Luckily, I have enough to recover and furthermore, I have another table to make that the center piece I have to replace is perfect for, so, no waste. So that’s how it will play out. So with a little bruised pride, we move on. Welcome to Woodworking 101.

This will be a topic of my newsletter, it’s how it is. The misconception that woodworking is how TV and magazines like to portray is fictional so it’s far from reality as government is.

So, got to get the tables done and other projects. Wrapping up the seed press and got a newsletter to finish that’s late. So let’s get ou corrections made, shake it off and move on.

Oh yea, Doc Newt from the forum and his wife Margaret drove up from Georgia and are visiting today! Always good to meet you guys.

Later Ya’ll.

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9 Responses to Crash and Burn

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Beautiful table Charles! I thought I was the only one that had to redo my woodworking! It’s not bad when it’s too big, but too small, that hurts!


  2. teenagewoodworker says:

    very nice! i hate when things end up being to small. doesnt happen too often because of that whole sneak up on it thing but when it does its like your beating your head off of a wall wondering how you messed that up

  3. doc is the one on the forum who made the comment it was sometimes hard to be a christan and a woodworker at the same time…..I think we all can concur on that one…its like my quoat thing…” foul langauge can often be part of the creative process”….this was close…but we made it thru.., of course there is always tomorrow

  4. Jody says:

    Uh Ohh. Telling stories on us. I would have been fine with calling it an adjustment of the top to base fit. Crash and burn makes it sound so much worse than it really was.

    Thanks for the education! My wife has already placed the matching coffee table on my honey do list so I guess I’ll get to place the education into practice. You’ve really gotten me in big trouble now…..

  5. jody, it wasnt the table that crashed and burned…but more the last second..wrap up when you find you got an “oops”…but all is well wasnt my first time and doubt it will be the last…and the coffee table is in process

  6. Ace..Jody is away…the dye is my New england maple on walnut…we did a precat gemini lacquer for speed…a water based or good oil finish woul d have been fine..just not as fast….and Jody now has some abralon , and knows how to rub it out will be a super slick durable finish…
    foot note : we are working to get this as well as some other colors in water based and available to the market

    • Yeah those Abralon pads are wonderful, matter of fact, I have a dining room table to refinish in the near future, may need a few more just in case.

      Ummmm (reading between the lines) you mean your own line of water based finishes? Do tell.


  7. not hardly…but over the years we gave developed numerous colors that have been real client pleasers…and looking to have them reproduced so folks can get them…dont want in the finish business…im more about simplifying it ,

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