New Project, and lots of finishing to do

I got the volume II on turning done….all filmed…so we are putting the shop back to a shop, moving the lathes back to their respective places, and getting the benches back in place…got the seed press finishing, and starting on a couple new projects….working on some shaker candle stands , which you will like i think, as well am doing a coffee table with drop leaves and cabriolet legs out of walnut , and a sofa table out of cherry which will be a 4 leg gate leg, with the wooden hinges and all that …it also will have cabriolet legs, and i have a 2 big case pieces going, and will probably get into a tiger maple chest on chest…and another “Jefferson “piece……all of these cases and bases will certainly be filmed as the basis of the next DVD , titled cases and bases….lots of good stuff , and lots of work….but  I am  glad the turning ones are completed filming…now Sherri and Crystal will work their magic , and they have DVDs to do..they like that, its their thing…they really get into them….Im just the dancin chicken….( he he he )…..

  well got to go move those heavy lathes and benches….this isnt fun…..but i will have my shop back….i got stuff all over the place….tools and parts of every sort….turned alot of stuff….hope ya check it out when its ready to go….later ya”ll


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One Response to New Project, and lots of finishing to do

  1. teenagewoodworker says:

    very nice. keeping busy’s always good and it sounds like youre really keeping yourself busy!!!

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