Happy 4TH of July

If you live in the United States that is…..other wise have a good weekend…..
I was thinking , that usually is a sign of trouble, but never the less…as we Americans celebrate the 4Th , as its a celebrationof our independence and freedoms and liberties , this 4th , i think we need to pause a little and take a long hard look around…they sure seem to be less and less……and its not over…..we got some pretty big issues facing us and In my personal opinion….they not going too well….I will give you a hint….if you are a senior or approaching , better take a good look at the NEW healthcare plan if you are 59 or over….or ever plan to be….ya know the entire world has but one safe haven for medical care should their own system fail them…its the US, and with that gone …well you get the point..Americans as well as alotof the world have a problem with complacency, and it will be all of our undoing, find out the facts, speak out , contact your Representatives , and raise hell….and vote them out if they do not do as you think ….better put keep your ear to the ground…think for yourself and be informed…and dont be afraid to stand your ground and do so loudly…., I guess it all depends on your definition of freedom and understand you can do something…protect what so many have given their lives for…our government does not respect, listen to or have any fear of the people…they figure we will just sit back , complain a litte , and figure we cant do nothing…their betting on it…….PROVE THEM WRONG

have a safe holiday….



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2 Responses to Happy 4TH of July

  1. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Agrred, we do need to tell our representatives what we want. But sometimes that won’t change their perspectives. many things have gone by the way of american apathy and not exercising our personal power. Personal needs wants and desires are motivators? Have written to my representatives, and only get replies when my comments align with theres. You might be an NRA member or an AARP member? We need industry that we have given away cause “they can make it cheaper” like we made the “BEST” steele in the world. Now we have SERVICE” jobs? We are a country that started because we disagree, and wanted to have a say in our lives. The older we get the more active we need to become.

  2. mranch says:

    Vote them out!! Yes!! Something needs to change! I feel our 2 party system is outdated. The electoral College; Do we really need that now a days? What about a popular vote! That’s what the people really want! We need a drastic change! What? I don’t know that I have the answer, but I do feel a change is needed. Possible a 3rd Party, some party that’s more in the middle of the road then either to far right or too far left! Speak loud and be heard!! And above all, Vote!!


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