Been going hard, ya’ll. Finished up the Volume I Turning DVD, working on Volume II, all about furniture. No pens, no bowls, no baby rattles or pepper mills, just legs, posts, knobs, fluting and stuff. But it’s been fun – alot of work, but enjoyable.

Getting the seed press wrapped up and working on some unique Shaker Pedestal tables. We will get you more on that as we move along, but for a bit I am going to get all of the turning stuff filmed. Got everything out, so might as well get it done.

Garden is doing very well, just got my first cucumbers. Already got sauerkraut fermenting, and tomatoes are ripening fast. Been eating alot of squash & zucchini in alot of different recipes, good stuff.

So I’ve got cameras and projects everywhere, best get to the gettin’, looks like some long days ahead. Hope you like the results. The girls are burning Volume I as we speak and Sherri is editing and wrapping up some other stuff we filmed.

As I mentioned before, I hope to complete Turning in a couple weeks or so, then do Bases & Cases. Actually, it’s kinda started as we have alot of case work in process. So it always makes for better filming when you can use actual projects. I like that.

Later ya’ll,

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