Well…. Big Bob is headed out to Wisconsin, Jim is wrapping up the pillasters and crown on his bombe, and a couple drawer fronts on the top, we’ve got to carve the fan for the center upper drawer yet, and carve a few flame finials, and veneer the bonnet.   I will be quite honest, most of the original bonnets were, well,  lets just say,”lacking”.  Usually, they were all nailed down the sides  and often pretty rough.  They are sort of tough to do so what I do is install a structure of cross pieces and then steam and bend some 1/8 thick veneer of my own making to go over the structure.   I usually do two layers  gluing them together and then nail and screw it to the structure.  It’s not super pretty when done.   Then I cheat….I skim coat it with some auto body filler and sand it nice and smooth.  Then I apply a finish layer of veneer.  I prefer the cloth or paper backed for this and using a really good contact adhesive or yellow glue to both surfaces,  I let dry then  using a clothes iron I iron it on, the heat from the iron will rejuvenate the glue and they will bond well.  I have been chastised about using auto body filler for wood….” oh my goodness, how dare I?”, if you feel that way don’t try it or you may have to re-think your thinking…. its not a wood fille, it’s hard to color,  but to use it to repair deeper gouges or as in this case to smooth a difficult surface for veneering or to mold/shape a pattern as we did in the fluted post its great.  I have used it to fill a nasty knot and then chisel it back a little and put some regular wood filler, works well….

So today we will get the bombe standing tall and all the mouldings on….as well as the goose necks…we will take some MDF and make mock ups of the goose necks and cut and miter them  to be sure we have it all worked out before cutting the actual ones.

Here are some shots of what I’m telling you about…as well as what the built unit will look like,

then we will finish both units…remember we will be doing the bombe in the cases and bases DVD,

Fine Woodworking has our scoopin a seat on their Glue Tube, could use some votes though and any comments you would like to make…  here is the link here is the link.

Ok, out to the shop…have a good weekend…just a note….I have a tilt top done to re-make the Pdf’s that we can’t seem to find that has the patterns for them also…

Later ya’ll

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3 Responses to Bombe

  1. Mark Lambert says:


    I still have a PDF design for the pie crust table…

    If it the one i shared with your looking for.

    PS: Your a global star as Im reading your blog from South Korea & Japan on this trip


  2. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Wood workers have always worked with what they have. They made specific tools for specific jobs. Mother’s of invention. It’s great that you can put the finish you want on the piece. I have used other fillers, and they pop out over time. Have some bodyfiller for window sils. gonna give it a shot.

  3. Anthony says:

    Auto filler is a godsend. I worked for a while at my stepfather’s pattern shop – we used gallon cans of the stuff. It is great for fixing errors, providing smooth surfaces etc. One thing we used it for a lot was duplicating complex forms. Spray some release agent on what you want to duplicate, slather it in filler and squeeze a wood form into that. Pull it off when set and you have a perfect mould for duplication – great for intricate mouldings. It’s dimensionally stable and we often used those replicas to run copy millers. It’s great stuff and grossly underestimated.

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