Our Time in Virginia by Big Bob

Well, our time here has almost come to an end, sad feeling already. It takes about 19 hours to get here (depending on Chicago traffic!) We have been here 8 nights and it seems to just fly by. Charles, Sherri and all the families are just so nice, true Virginia hospitality at its best.

I have been working on a bed for a customer. It has been an experience for sure. Without Charles’ help, it would be a task not done. This was new for me in that it involved turning and fluting a post. That, along with a change in the height of the posts made for a long four days just getting sizes and layouts correct. I hope to be getting this done before long but it sure has been great having a ‘Charles’ to work with. I could not have done this alone. Without getting long winded, I just am feeling blessed to have a friend like Charles.

I have seen many things over the years on our trips here to see Charles & Sherri. I love the history and Virginia has a ton. Last year we got to see T. Jefferson’s home and also went to Gettysburg. This year I saw a fellow who was living in a ‘tired’ mobile home cutting his grass with a $12K zero turn mower. Guess I didn’t know your lawn mower could be worth more than your home!

All in all, this was a great trip. Again, thank you to Charles, Sherri, Sam, Ed, Ricky and all the gang here. You are ‘good people’. We leave Friday morning early. It is nice to get home, but it always makes us long to come back to the Valley…….Bob

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2 Responses to Our Time in Virginia by Big Bob

  1. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Bob, you are the envy of all of us that have never spent time working with or even just observing Charles. Map Quest tell me it is a 12 hr drive to his shop and if I can ever make it I will. docnewt

  2. Bop-bop says:

    Guys like you are always welcome in the “south”. I get to see Charles now and again I know what friends Charles and Sherri can be. Come back soon and maybe next time I can get get together with you guys.
    Later and have a safe drive home. “north”

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