Bed Posts, Bombes and Rockers

We’re wrapping up some bed posts with Big Bob. Another friend of mine who started a Bombe some time back is in the shop working on it some more and next week we are going to be doing the rockers so it s been kind of busy. I’ve got to wrap up the seed press and get several more projects going. Got to ‘turn and burn’ a lot of miles before we rest but then that’s how it goes. Thought you might want to look at some of the pictures of the happenings.

The Sheraton post we had to custom size and that takes a bit of ‘figuring’ to get bits, post diameters correct to get the flutes to work well as well as some chisel work. The color on the top of the post is a sanding trace coat and today I’m wrapping up some ‘vase & acorn’ posts. The corners will all have lamb’s tongue transitions.

The Bombe base and the bonnet top will be one of the focus points in the Cases and Bases DVD I am working on now. The upper case is pretty straight forward. We will give you the particulars and dimensions but after you do the bottom, the top is a cake walk. There are actually straight places on it!

Well, told Big Bob he could write a blog today as well so he did and it follows this one so check both of them out!


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3 Responses to Bed Posts, Bombes and Rockers

  1. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    Charles the bed post and bombes may be above my level but I learn so much seeing you do them. As for the rockers and bases and cases I am drooling just wait on the DVDs. I hope to be able to make it up your way sometime in July. As always I aapreciate all you, Sherri, and Crystal do for all of us. docnewt

  2. teenagewoodworker says:

    very cool. just wondering. what do you turn those huge bed posts on. are they turned in different sections or do you have a very large lathe i dont know about??

  3. Ya know…where else on the Internet can you see the wide range of woodworking than you can right here with Charles Neil. WOW!!!
    Great stuff…(I still say Mikega did all the turning 🙂 )


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