Having Fun

well just a quick note…Sherri will back tomorrow and we can get some pictures up..guess i need to pay attention and learn how to do them myself…anyway…Big Bob is here , we been working on some tiger maple Sheritan style , fluted bed post for him, and Mike Galloway ( mikega) was here over the weekend as well and he did an Indian carving , so Bob and i filmed him doing it…well we hope we did…never having used the camera….well you get the point…but feel sure we got it…wellllllll maybe…anyway..we got alot of stills..so we will get that posted …man o man..Mike can carve…we named the Indian as well..seeing how he was born here in Virginia, a bit south of the Mason Dixon Line, thus he is considered now a Southern Guy, we named him ..Chief Eatum Grits…good name, it was better than Chief Bubba….but he is certainly a stately looking fellow…but sure does look alot like Mike…we will show you….well we got a shop to clean a bit….and bed post to finish…so best be gettin to it ..before the girls return, and we hear about the mess…so its been a “guys shop free for all ” of sorts….and we all know how they go, except this time we actually did some work and something good came of it…Thinking back…I believe this is the first time me and a group of guys ever did this…just nice and calm workin…that was nice…no police, riot squads,tear gas, no injuries, and I remember it all….must be gettin older….later ya’ll


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1 Response to Having Fun

  1. Mike says:

    Hey buddy thanks for another great weekend. Be sure to get some pictures up of Bob’s bed post. They are looking good. I bet Big Bob was sanding post in his sleep last night. I guess if the video does not come out I will have to come back and carve his twin brother Chief No-Eatum Grits 🙂

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