Scoopin Seats, Big Bob, and Seed Press

Well….busy as ever! Big Bob arrived last night from Wisconsin, he ain’t so big anymore, lost 50 lbs..I think I found it and with all the wet weather  I haven’t had a chance to “work it off” but were gettin’ there. I need to drop about 30 lbs myself….

Need to apologize for the forum, I was relying on the forum to notify me of a new post or I would check the new post since last visit. Yesterday, Sherri did the unanswered post thing and wow, I have missed a ton…guess it’s time to quit relying on the computer updates, sorry about that

Sherri and Crystal are headed to Savannah, Ga. tomorrow’ for a few days, so its gonna be me and Bob causing trouble and working. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do but this morning we’ve just been ” shootin’ the Bull” a little and watched the new video we just got up…CLICK HERE TO VIEW( no belly comments ya hear)..geez…oh well the vegtables are now coming in in the garden so I’ll fix that.

The new video just uploaded is “Scoopin’ a Seat”. Hope you check it out and let me know what ya think. We have several more filmed, Sherri will get up when she returns from Savannah next week. I finally was able to get back to the Seed Press….got the doors done, book matched panels for the door panels and the stiles are the same board as the face frame….how I like it. I got the shelves glued up (poplar), and today I am going to make the top and backs and construction will be done….I still have to install the hinges and lock, I forgot to order them from Horton Brasses, but did yesterday so they will be here tomorrow (they ship fast), and we will wrap it up.

Bob brought some material down, tiger maple, some aspen….I like that aspen for secondary….it’s not real hard but some complain it works hard….I have not found that to be the case, it is very prone to blotching when staining but we can handle that….besides I usually don’t stain drawer sides and bottoms….I like that contrast and the clean white look…several coats of water based finish which is crystal clear and we’re good to go..

Ok, let’s see, Newsletter done, Seed press about done, Videos filmed, DVD’s shipped…finally  I best be gettin’ to the gettin’…got some bed posts Bob wants to do, tiger maple Sheraton style, turned and fluted, I’ll get some pictures…as well Jeff , George Fitch ( bop bop), and Billy are coming by next week to make some rockers…that should be fun, we will have 2 days to do them…..we can handle that…I hope they watch the scoopin’ Video, the
y gonna need it…Later Ya’ll


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7 Responses to Scoopin Seats, Big Bob, and Seed Press

  1. I loved the video…cool tips and tricks. Damn, just get it over with and make a video on chair making will ya 🙂

    Hey Bob ya looking good…have fun this week.


  2. Mike says:

    Hey Big Bob your looking good….. can’t say the same about that other guy.
    Just took a quick look at the video. That King Arthur tool looks wicked 🙂

  3. teenagewoodworker says:

    Hey Bob!

    i cant wait to see the chair video. just have to wait for it to download. yippie 🙂

  4. teenagewoodworker says:

    just finished watching it. very nice. i really like the dado thing. makes it look much easier.

  5. Chris says:

    I agree.. I would have never thought you were going to scoop with dado blades. Thats why I think you have some of the best stuff out there.

  6. Bob Miller says:

    I agree with the others; Who would have thought a dado blade for the chair seats!! Very cool Charles! Like everything else, you make it look so easy!!!


  7. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    The dado thing is just wild who but Charles would have thought of that. Can’t wait for the chair DVD.

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