an update

I had ask Jeff Fleisher ( chpcrvr) who some of you have seen ,and was written about a couple months ago in the newsletter , to come over and film some basic chip carving , He’s good, teaches at North Bennett in Boston and does some classes at woodcraft, so we are doing a quick basic thing, and see what you think, and perhaps we can get him to do a full DVD,
As well I got Mike Galloway coming in this weekend ( i think) to film some of his Indian carving , hes just super, and Im going to do the fan, here is a link to a post on the forum where mike is getting warmed up , and shows us the carving steps

check  Mike out  , and follow the will enjoy….so it looks like we got alot happening,

Big Bob ( who aint so big anymore..lost 50 lbs) is coming down to cause trouble ,end of the week as well, and Tomorrow we are building a steam box and gonna steam some wood, maybe bend a shaker  box as well…

and then I got to get several projects done and finish the seed press….so its Rock and roll here at the shop…

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