Eye Candy

Well, today I’m working more on the seed press and getting the newsletter written as well looking to film the seat scooping so it is a busy day. Here is a bit of eye candy for you, some 23″ wide black walnut for an upcoming project, all one tree, we have more to come in, 19″ wide down to 12″ wide, again, all the same tree. I really like it that way.

The seed press is all one tree, that’ hard to come by these days unless dealing with a specialty mill, this came from Willow Run, nice stuff.

The back and shelves in the seed press will be poplar, but if you’ve followed along before, we won’t have any trouble making it look just like the walnut when it’s done. Poplar is a super secondary wood and using some nice finishing techniques it can be matched to most any wood. Poplar is stable, strong and not super expensive. I do try and avoid the dark green and purple looking stuff, I like the white, lighter colors.

Off to the shop! Later!

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5 Responses to Eye Candy

  1. denis rezendes says:

    thats very nice. are those slabs in the truck bookmatched to. wow!!!!

  2. yes Denis..all one tree

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    oh ya…. well i feel dumb now… haha… looks like i shouldve paid a little more attention to the blog instead of drooling over those pictures 🙂

  4. Naw…Denis….to me looks like a sheet of plywood split down the middle. he he he.


  5. Vince says:

    I appreciate your comment about green poplar. My supplier keeps telling me “That’s the way it is.” I’m thinkin I better put my foot down or go someplace else. Small comment, a bit of insight. Thanks.

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