The Seed Press

The ‘Seed Press’ is quite unique, the mitered face frame is set into the sides which is not typical but does well. In this blog I’ll start a photo journal showing the construction as I move along.

The case measures 66″ tall x 14″ deep and 40″ wide. The face frame as well as all of the door rails and stiles are 3″ wide, including the bead, the only exception is the center door rail which is 3 1/2″

The bottom of the case is 8″ from the floor, the top of the rail is 11″, so I set the dado at 11 1/4″ to the top edge. I think I photographed it at 11 3/4″, not correct, 11 1/4″ the top is set at 3 1/4″ this elevates the floor and drops the top down, 1/4″ which gives a door stop and closure. Can’t say the original was this way but it’s how I do it. I don’t have to put stops on the top and bottom of the case for the door to close on.

The foot is called a boot jack and ends 8″ from the floor. The fee are 3″ wide at the bottom.

So the case is standing. I did something different on this one. I assembled the face and sides first, now I will install the top and bottom in the case then it’s on to the doors and the back, I’ll get to it, if you have any questions, fire them at me.

Catch ya later!

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