Making Magic

Well, this certainly wasn’t the blog I intended, pretty cool.

Crystal’s 9-year-old son Chandler, who is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, wanted to order a wand online for $35.  It was decided by the “girls” – Sherri & Crystal – that Grandaddy Neil could make one.

So I grabbed a piece of scrap Bubinga, did a little turning, a little power chisel carving, then a little VanDyke glaze to highlight, a little finish, and made a wand.

Get a big thank you call from Chandler, it was well worth the effort.  Jeff Fliescher was over and also decided it was “cool”.  So he gets the camera and here ya are.  Had a picture to look at.  So I’ll let Crystal tell ya the rest, but Chandler is probably the only kid in the world with his very own “custom bubinga” wand.  Later, Charles

Note from Crystal:  Chandler LOVES his wand!!  WOW!!  We snapped photos of his reaction, and Grandaddy even had a tube that a tool had come in that was a perfect fit to store it in.  Grandaddy also carved a Dragon Fang into the handle, as everyone knows that true magical wands use the power of magical creatures.  This morning, there was a slight “meltdown” on the way to school when he realized that he had forgotten his wand at home, and wanted to show his friends.  Chandler has been working with his classmates and Principal to organize a Harry Potter Fan Club at school, and he knew his friends would appreciate this wand.  So Mom runs home and gets the wand, takes it in to the 3rd grade class.  The kids’ eyes all lit up, with much admiration and appreciation for the wand.  They may not understand how it was made or anything about turning and chiseling, but they know it’s even cooler than Harry’s.  We also noticed last night that with the scrapes on Chandler’s forehead from the bus crash two weeks ago, he doesn’t have to draw lightning bolts on his forehead with marker anymore, he’s got his own scars.

I did take the wand out of school with me.  Didn’t want to leave a weapon behind, nor risk it being lost or destroyed.  Should the furniture business not be busy, Charles could fill a niche with the elementary crowd making wands…  

– Crystal

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2 Responses to Making Magic

  1. mranch says:

    Very Cool Charles!!
    I’ve read all the books myself! Know all about Harry!!


  2. so bob, how old are you and do you need a “wand” he he

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