The Seed Press

well yesterday we dodged a big bullet , had a hail storm , size of quarters and golf balls… here at the shop, my house and GARDEN were about 8 miles away….it would have wiped it it was we got about 2 ” of rain and alot of wind…everything got a little ruffled but that was it…the weather this spring has been very unusual , hot one day in the high 80’s and 60 the next and lots of rain, my broccoli did whats called boulting grows sprouts instead of heads..alot of folks have the same issue..its due to the hot ,cold thing..makes it want to go to seed …had to cut it back some to make it reshoot and will probably get some smaller heads..hope so..

well today im going to start in hard and heavy on the seed press ..the material has acclimated well so its ready to go, not much to show at the moment but we will have some photos later , as for now its ripping all the pieces and parts out and make some dados and mortise and tenons…the Seed press is a relatively simple build, very straight forward…the only “quirk” is that the face frame is mitered..very unusual , I suspect its because of the beading on the inside edge of the face frame, this would have allowed the bead to have been planed, or scratched in , then mitered, and it would not have required carving the corners, which in reality , if a hand plane were used ,it would have had to have stopped several inches short of the corners..thus alot of carving and delicate hand work…there is a bead as well, on the inside edges of the doors, the bead is a dead ringer for the modern day cope and stick  router bits ,simply called “bead” it was a popular form in that day and is where the profile of the bits probably emerged from…so we will be using that..the doors would have been done in a  “jack Miter”…where the profile would have been removed from the vertical stiles in the areas the rails go, (rails run across)..and a full mortise and tenon joint afforded….the replacement door ( LT) does not have the profile..but is a simple flat edge…but we want it to look as the original did in the day and time it was made…so its off  to cut some walnut and get started…this will be a fun build for me…pretty easy,and has alot of history..i like that…

later ya’ll



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5 Responses to The Seed Press

  1. Do you/are you going to use a router and jig to make the jack miters?


  2. not sure Ace, this is one of those projects , i keep thinking i need to do old school…real old , i love to do that, usually time doesnt allow, but i sure am thinking that way…been sharpening hand planes and scrapers, and i made a couple scratch beads…keep looking at the tools, and sharpening…will see what tomorrow brings…

  3. Damn Sam go OLD school…..if ya have the time and ya still can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe


  4. oh I sure can, believe me, might be gettin a bit older, but a little work dont scare me a bit

  5. Betsy Baten says:

    Yipee! Wahoo! Yeah! Terrific! Fantastic! Wonderful! Great!

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