Bubinga Chairs Completed

Well, I got the bubinga chairs done & delivered, except for 2 arm chairs and the rocker. The client will pick those up next week. We could have finished them, but we decided to do a little carving on the arms and that suited them fine. So we still have them, but they’re done, just need some finish.

This has been a hard run, a tough week, and alot of other things behind the scenes. Everybody just “crashed & burned” yesterday, and today we’re back at it. The girls are burning and shipping DVD orders. I’m cleaning the shop – wow, what a mess! It’s looking a lot better, it did look like a war zone. Tons of shavings and chips and all the grinding mess from shaping and scooping seats, it’s amazing how much mess all this can make, and hand tools and grinders don’t afford alot of “dust collection”.

The finish on the chairs is a coat of “Seal a Cell” from General Finishes. Then a couple coats of precat Satin Lacquer from Gemini. A quick rub-out with some 2000 grit Abalon from Mirka, followed with some 4000, just to be sure they feel smooth and slick. I rubbed them dry. The white “powder” from rubbing that likes to get into the small grain pores, I simply used compressed air and blew them down good. No wax, no nothing, they look great.

I think we need to do a class or DVD on these, there are just so many techniques used. Bending wood, shaping, angles (tons of them), dowels (rungs), angled mortises, and some tools that really make it alot easier than it looks.

Big Bob (Kloes) will be down in a couple weeks and we are going to be doing a Tiger Maple Rocker and turning and fluting some Tiger Maple bed posts. Should be fun. We will see what Bob thinks about making the rocker. It doesn’t matter if you make my chair/rocker or you go a little more “Maloof” style or create your own. The techniques are the same. I’ve made alot of different style chairs, and this one is the hardest, believe me. So learning this one, everything else will be downhill.

Well, got to finish cleaning the shop, get the filming we want to do figured out, and get to the Seed Press. Got a finishing class coming up mid month, so it’s definitely “Rock & Roll”. June is going to be super busy.

Oh yeah, do we have any pen turners? I got alot of “rung” cut offs 3/4 x 6-8″ long, that would make a pen. Hate to throw them away, they’re free, email me if you’re interested. They are turned round…

Later ya’ll, Charles

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9 Responses to Bubinga Chairs Completed

  1. Terry Hennessy says:

    A definite yes on pen turning, and from the looks of those chairs they would make some nice looking pens.

  2. Mike says:


  3. InsideBevel says:

    A DVD on chair making would be very interesting….

  4. Jay Highland says:

    Yeah, a DVD on chairs – that’s something I’m not even ready to try on my own. A really nice job on these Charles.

  5. Pierre says:


    What a great job !!! Really like the design. Yes, a DVD would be nice, at least for the technics.

    Have a good one,

    pierre (Quebec)

  6. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:


    Curious about time lines and how long it has taken to do the chairs. You probably get lost in a project, yet you probably have a fair idea, “if the creek don’t rise” of when you can deliver the finished project to a patron/customer?

  7. Tom, 10 chairs and the rocker..about 2 weeks…usually about 7 to 10 days…but internet stuff and all slow things down sometimes….but thats doing my chair/rocker, which i have down to a science by now…and i have all the patterns…time lines are always tough…if its a familar project that all the bugs have been worked out, its a big difference from something from scratch

  8. Boyd Nordland says:

    Your rocker is beautiful. It’s not quite clear from the photos, but are the back slats bent or cut with a slight curve? I’ve done a little with Adirondack chairs and the back is what makes or breaks. If the chair is uncomfortable, people won’t sit in it and its no more than overworked firewood. Same with a straight back rocker. Are you planning to do a rocker video? I’ve got a thousand questions!! By the way, maybe I missed it but was there a table to gowith those chairs? Gorgeous wood! Thanks. Boyd

  9. boyd, the back splats are steam bent,the table we did about 2 years ago, http://antiquesbuiltdaily.com/Website%20Photos/August24/diningtables/table20large.jpg

    and we sure are getting alot of interest in the chairs so a video could be done…havent decided yet..as to questions..ask away

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