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Coming Along

The splats are dry, well, close enough….a little scraping and sanding and then it’s assembly time. I will assemble the back and fronts then do the sides. The posts are 1 1/2″ square to begin with and I use a … Continue reading

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Bubinga Chairs – Bending/Shaping Bubinga

Well into the chair making but had a few minutes to write a bit so a lot of photos and a little splainin’! First, here is a photo of my chair, took a long time to get it right but … Continue reading

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Dodged the bullet

its May 19th, and we never have frost this time of year, NEVER, but last night was an exception, we had a killing frost, luckily I had enough furniture blankets and boxes and what ever else i could find to … Continue reading

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Puzzled Puzzlers

A better title would be “Ken &*#!” I got one of Ken’s more elaborate puzzles. We took it out of the box and it has yet to return. Ed tried it, for about an hour. Sam Richardson for about an … Continue reading

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Trouble and More Trouble

Friday, Mike Galloway was down from PA. Just visiting, he brought some killer burl turning blanks. A truck load. Jeff Fleischer came over, and both Jeff and I raided Mike’s stash. Got some nice pieces. Mike also waited to tune … Continue reading

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Hangin’ Out with TJ

I’m working on the newsletter and incorporating my trip to Monticello into it, going to start a new section, hope you enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Mr. Jefferson the other day at his place! Nice crib. He … Continue reading

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Hope They’re Hungry

Hope all had a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there! Well, tomorrow I’m heading over to Monticello and checking out Mr. Jefferson’s seed press and we will get started on that. Today I am processing … Continue reading

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