A quick update

we have the help a friend special still running..have had several email asking.., Sherri is working on order fulfilment, and im slamming my %^$%$#^ off to get these chairs and rocker done…sort got distracted last couple of days and they got to go Monday morning…guess I should have stayed a little better focused this week, and I wouldnt be in crunch Time..but hey…been here many times before and always make it…and will this time as well…beginning of the week while the girls are shipping DVD’s im gonna film some of your suggestions ..and we will try to get them up ASAP..

I really want to say again just how much your support and help in the  help a friend has meant , ya’ll the best ..you just dont know how grateful we all are..thank you so much..

got wet glue…hollar later..ya’ll be safe

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