Excellent Suggestions

I have to admit you came up with some good stuff…and because its in a DVD doesn’t matter… with that said if i can help , I will….the gadgets and Gizmos is a real good idea ..but i have to warn you i got a ton..I will start with the miter sled..alot have ask about it…you guys have to know..while I’m very well equipped , it certainly hasn’t always been this way, i have had to improvise all my life…and to be honest alot of the homemade jigs far out do the commerical stuff…and turning…I will do my best for you, i am not a professional turner..I cant rattle off all the chisel names ,and so forth…but i can turn about anything i want and have had to all my life…I got old files i ground for chisels,and give me a grinder and a piece of steel and well a few big screwdrivers dont exactly look like screwdrivers any more, but cut great ,My thing is predominately between the centers..thats why im going to do a DVD on it..i turn mostly legs, bed post, finials, knobs stuff like that…turning bowls is something I have just started getting into…and without making anyone mad they are pretty easy…only have to do one…its that make 4 or 8 match thats the tough stuff…then again looking at some of  Mike Galloways , Denis’s and Jeff Fleisher’s segmented turnings…that intrigues me, as well as the hollow vessel stuff..but we can do this…

I also think getting Jeff and Mike on camera with the facial and chip carving would be good..thats coming..again my carving is more about furniture..fans , feet, rosettes..stuff of that nature..

the shop tour .is no issue be glad to….

Glues , sandpaper, more on finishing, band saws, table saw blades and stuff..not a problem either..I can do that as well….most of these will take longer than you tube will allow..so we will do them on our own player…so we dont have to do all those part things….and not much editing…just me and you..sorta down and dirty if you will……

ok im hoping we get even more response to this…so keep the brains working….I like the interactive thing alot….it makes for good direction, and again if something is in a DVD and you are unclear will be glad to show it…selling DVD’s is how we support this , but its more about the help thing…..glad to be able to do it…keep it coming

Ok out to start some final assembly on the chairs..will  get some picts tomorrow…

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6 Responses to Excellent Suggestions

  1. Chris says:

    An incident with a flush trim bit the other night gave me an idea (the result was wavy and not flush.. operator error of course). If you could show how you would fix mistakes.. like … say a router gets away from a person.. You always say.. Now this is the way I do it.. and its always better than the way I would do it … my first reaction is always to start all over.

  2. so Chris shall we title this one “oops fixes”…sounds lie a winner to me…believe me i have had alot of experience in this field

  3. Wayne Raley says:

    Charles, I would like to see how you make the bird cage, turned and carved post, and legs for a piecrust table. Loved the way you made the piecrust table.

  4. Wayne, thats an excellent one…we are doing some shaker styled tables that have aturned base , dovetailed legs, and ll no bird cage, but i can sure do that..coming up in a couple weeks….i had palnned to blog it, but to film it would be good too, i can use it to do the turning stuff as well…great idea

  5. teenagewoodworker says:

    those are some great ideas. id also like to see the tilt mechanism for tilt top tables. just how you do that. i want to build a few soon and i have an idea but am not 100 percent sure how to do it

  6. Jim Crockett says:

    Charles – haven’t seen it suggested but it may have been. Gluing strategies and useful clamping jigs. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who can’t afford a workshop of clamps, so there must be ingenious methods of clamping available that don’t rely on purchased clamps.


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