We all know what assume means and often I take for granted that folks know the simple things (or simple to me), a bad assumption on my part. I try to not overlook what to me is the obvious but after this many years I often miss the boat.

It’s the little things that often make the difference in the world. Little stuff like feather boards. How to make them, where to use them and why. How to make a zero insert for your table saw and why you would want to. How to find the true center of a long post, stuff like that.

Sherri has asked that I do some youtubes on stuff such as the above, so give me some input, add to my list. What could I do that would answer a question or that you think would be helpful. Advance Woodworkers, you’re in the same boat I am, so when in your shop keep your mind open to those things you just do naturally, Beginning Woodworkers, no question is a stupid one and if you don’t want to post on the blog, send me an EMAIL

Got chairs waitin’ Later!

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7 Responses to Assumption

  1. Band saw blade discussions what blade does what/how/why

    Table saw blade discussions what blade does what/how/why

    How to properly adjust/use a hand plane

    Basics on how to use a lathe

    More water based finishes

    Spray finishes

    Glue discussions what type of glue to use when

    Sandpaper don’t buy cheap crap who to buy from

    How to tone topcoats who/what/why


  2. Ken Weinert says:

    Resawing, both bandsaw and tablesaw.

    Maybe already (partially) covered in the tablesaw DVD?

    • David says:

      charles you have a unique way of making things that others (myself) would pay money for without thinking twice for it.

      your mdf glue up squares
      your router fence

      any other gems you have laying around the shop like these that you have built that might other wise cost 30,40,50 bucks out our local woodworking store are the things i love to see.

      while its off topic of your question a shop tour would be cool 🙂

    • teenagewoodworker says:

      ken resawing is covered in the resawing dvd.

  3. teenagewoodworker says:

    just like david i would like to see all of the little unique things that you do around the shop and some of the little gadgets and gizmos youve made up

  4. Kevin says:

    I’d like to see a recipe for apple pie wine. Man that stuff is good.

    Oh you meant woodworking. I’d like to see a video on anything to do with wood turning for beginners. That’s me, a beginner. Except I haven’t started yet but hey I’m fixing to and I have no idea how to sharpen the brand new turning tools I hope to dull very soon.

  5. Newton Eunice says:

    Ditto on the miter. I want to see how to build the miter jig you use with the plexiglas.

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