Outdoor Wood

Here are some photos of my garden, lots of stakes and stuff. The stands are used for “sprinklers” so they get “lots of wet” they are made from some old white oak I had, it had been stacked outside for about 25 years and the one stand is about 10 years old. White oak holds up super outside, red oak does not.

White oak will grey and weather but stay strong, a good coat of spar varnish keeps it looking good as well as any other good exterior finish. General Finishes has a product called Exterior 450 which is a water base and a super choice.

Always use galvanized or stainless fasteners and seal the legs or feet with a good waterproof glue like titebond II or III and paint the bottom of the feet – epoxy is even better.

Oil Finishes: I get a lot of emails about spraying oils, sure you can, but after they soak in a while, 10 minutes or so, you have to wipe the excess off. Oils are not designed to be film finishes, they do build in very thin coats, so spraying or brushing oil on and just letting it dry is not a good idea. It will take a very long time to dry and be tough to level out. Do not expect to use an oil for heavy build, when you wipe it back it should be smooth. Let dry, apply another coat or 3. If you have roughness, light scuff sand the dry oil with some 600 grit, when smooth, proceed with the next coat.

The Garden: Just thought I would show you everything is emerging, I’ll get some photos in a couple of months, it will look a bit different.

Have a good and safe weekend.


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5 Responses to Outdoor Wood

  1. chris says:

    I’d call that a small farm 🙂

  2. teenagewoodworker says:

    very nice. was that tiller a STihl. i have a leafblower by them and it is a very good product. very high quality stuff. a few tool manufacturers should pick up one or two of their products and get the hint. just great products and the idea of staying with the smaller businesses and offering good service is just wonderful

  3. yes Denis it is a Stihl , i have had 2 of the box store small tillers..both were junk..I got this one last year and no issues at all..I also have a bigger front tine tiller and a rear tine …guess its like woodworking..I know..but hey I like playing in the dirt..what can i say 🙂

  4. teenagewoodworker says:

    haha… yep same with lawnmowing for me. its a nice little break and pretty fun. just when youre working outside as im sure you know good tools pay off big time. Stihl is just a beautiful line. i love thier stuff. best chainsaws in the world. i mean they invented it didnt they 🙂

  5. Jeff (chpcrvr) says:

    After reading Neil’s blog today I went over to Fine Woodworking and happened across this input. Looks like I’m going to have to take up gardening….I actually started some herbs and spices in my greenhouse this spring. Take a look at this:


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