Coming Along

The splats are dry, well, close enough….a little scraping and sanding and then it’s assembly time.

I will assemble the back and fronts then do the sides. The posts are 1 1/2″ square to begin with and I use a 5/8″ radius bit to round them up as much as I can, or rough them out is probably a better term. Then I spoke shave them to shape and a light sand with some 120 grit. These will be oiled so 120 is as far as I need to go. Sounds coarse but not really. Because the bubinga is so hard, the 120 grit leaves them somewhat open and a good coat of oil, let dry, scuff sand with some 320 grit and some more oil, sand with 600 grit, more oil, rub out and I’m done.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some of Titebond’s CA glue. I bought the gel because I knew I had these chairs coming up. The thick CA makes a great filler on any tear out or defect and it dries clear and fast. Since these chairs have a natural finish, it picks up the color from the bottom of the chip out yet fills the defect. When clear coated it is pretty invinsible and has always worked really well. DO NOT use the activator when doing this, let it dry naturally, the activator will cloud the glue.

Hopefully, between today and tomorrow we will have the chairs almost done, then full focus on the seed press.

I’ve a little scrap left over from the chairs, not a lot, but perhaps I might try a bubinga bucket and old fashion butter churn with copper bands. I think they might be right nice. I’ve got to tell ya, folks coming by the shop and see the buckets sitting there, well….they love them! Mike Galloway was telling me that he was at a show or craft fair and someone was selling buckets for $75 each and I’ll also tell ya that the rope handle seems to be the favorite….go figure.

Back to shaping the posts and then scooping seats. We’re gonna film the seat scooping as I probably accomplish this like ya never seen before and there are a couple of new things I will be using. Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to Coming Along

  1. chris says:

    I may have missed it.. but are the posts bent too or are they cut that way? Your chairs are amazing by the way 🙂

  2. chris, the post are a combination, we use as straight a grain as possible, then bend them at 1 3/4 , then band saw and router cut to final shape, sounds difficult but isnt, looks like we are going to do a free video on all the particulars …it should be a good educational thing… stay tuned

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    that looks really cool. im really interested in trying out a chair. and im really anxious to see the video about scooping out the seat. i know a couple of ways to do it but im really anxious to see your way.

  4. InsideBevel says:

    I think I have seen a Leigh Mortise & Tenon jig on one of your shelves.
    Do you find it useful for chair making?

  5. inside, i havent really got to get into that tool…not sure just yet we are working thru it , I actually am working to do a how to demo on it we will let you know in the short future.

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