Dodged the bullet

its May 19th, and we never have frost this time of year, NEVER, but last night was an exception, we had a killing frost, luckily I had enough furniture blankets and boxes and what ever else i could find to cover my plants, had i not we would have lost the majority of our garden, which is a might bigger than a normal garden, spent 4 hours covering everything, then another 3 uncovering this morning, and now have all the pads laying in the driveway to dry , so there is alot of blanket folding to do, I sure hope the farmers ,whose corn is just now peeking thru the ground , do ok, corn is pretty tough, but those plants are still quite tender….
Well today i am working further on my chairs, Tomorrow I will try to do a write up on them, I designed the chairs years ago, its a solid plank, scooped seat, and the chair incorporates alot of unique features, and on a scale of difficulty , from 1 to 10, its about a 12, the little quote i have about ” foul language” being part of the creative experience was derived from making these chairs, I wanted a chair that would work in about any setting, from informal, to contemporary, and as well would be very comfortable, and  allow one to sit for a nice after dinner chat, in a relaxed and comfortable seat, that wasnt easily done in a solid wood seat, we also had several clients who were ortopedic surgeons and a chiropracter check them out for proper support and comfort, the chairs went thru many revisions and numerous  , “parts broken “, before I got it how I wanted it, it has now evolved over about 12 years or so, and we have never had a chair break, or a disapointed client, the chair also makes a killer rocker…you can set for hours , I am considering doing a class on the rocker, maybe 4 folks, and everyone leaves with a rocker, but we will see,

  Chairs are not as difficult as percieved, but are confusing, to most, they were to me, but once i got the “hang of it”, it came much easier,  but still required alot of hands on experimenting to get it down , now days its just another build, but i do like making these chairs, there is a fair amount of  steam bending and hand shaping, something i love to do, for me shaping wood is why i do this, but after 240 or so mortises of which only about 26 are straight, everything else is angled, and I didnt count the holes..and tired arms from spoke shaves and routers, and leather gloves and steam, im about ready to be done with these, 

  I have the pieces and parts underway for the jefferson seed press as well, so as soon as we have it standing we will show ya some about it. 

well it’s off to bend splats, and then fold blankets.


later Ya’ll

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One Response to Dodged the bullet

  1. Denis says:

    sounds like fun to me. ive always wanted to try chairs because they seem like good challenge and i love figureing things out and challenging myself. maybe ill pick up a slab of bubinga and give some a shot 🙂

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