Trouble and More Trouble

Friday, Mike Galloway was down from PA. Just visiting, he brought some killer burl turning blanks. A truck load. Jeff Fleischer came over, and both Jeff and I raided Mike’s stash. Got some nice pieces. Mike also waited to tune up his carving chisels on the Koch Sharpening System. They now look like polished glass and are sharper than razors. This thing will put on an edge like nothing else.

One man’s trash, another’s treasure. Sam Richardson, who is a Shaker Box Maker expert, bar none. Sam is meticulous to a fault. He has researched, studied the boxes made by Shakers and perfected them, he uses alot of high figured woods, and has mastered bending them. Anyway, on Saturday, Sam was down, and Mike had used the Big Jet 18″ Bandsaw to saw out some bowl blanks. He put the scrap in the dumpster. Sam spotted them, decided he could resaw some and get some small box tops. So, well the photos will explain. He and Ed proceeded to do some Dumpster Diving. What a woodworker won’t do for a piece of wood!

Some time back when I was up to York, PA to do a trade show (where Mike lives), I came across a guy who also lived there who was purported to be good at sharpening hand saws. So I gave Mike 4 of mine to have sharpened. He brought them back when he was down. I will tell you this, I’ve had saws resharpened before, this guy is the best I’ve seen. He reset the teeth and they are like new. I highly recommend these folks. My 4 saws cost $42, he is extremely reasonable as well. The place is called Cooke’s Sharpening & Grinding Service and the phone number is (717) 792-8245.

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2 Responses to Trouble and More Trouble

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds like you guys had a lotta fun.. haha.. those looked like some nice blanks. and ill have to give that sharpening guy a look. i need a good handsaw but dont have the money for one. im sure he could do a great job on an older one to get me by for awhile.

  2. Mike says:

    Had a great time last Friday. As you can see I got to spend some time on the Koch sharpening system. I have over 50 gouges so each time I go to see Charles I take a few more to sharpen. This system is used to hone your tools and polish off any tool marks let from the grinder. On a leather wheel it takes forever to get the marks off but on this system I hit them with the course wheel for about 2 minutes and then another minute with the fine wheel and they are polished and super sharp.
    Sam and Ed you really don’t have to go dumpster diving, I got more wood and will bring more along on my next trip south 🙂

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