Hangin’ Out with TJ

I’m working on the newsletter and incorporating my trip to Monticello into it, going to start a new section, hope you enjoy it.

(left)TJ (right) CN

(left)TJ (right) CN

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Mr. Jefferson the other day at his place! Nice crib. He wasn’t home but I got to scope things out pretty good.

Monticello and Mr. Jefferson will be a lot of my focus for the next few weeks as we will begin making his ‘seed press’ as well as his ‘lap top’ desk. <a

You may recall, I have some of the poplar from a tree recently felled that stood outside Mr. Jefferson’s bedroom, it is thought to have been planted by him and is so recorded by him. I measured the stump, it was about 12′ across….not around….across…side to side…BIG TREE!

We also have an upcoming commissioned piece where we are going to attempt to do a facade of Monticello that will be pigeon holes, that should be a challenge and interesting to say the least.

My friend, Norman Hughes from Good Hope Hardwoods was headed south today, going to Florida to get some day lilies, Norman’s new hobby, he brought me a couple. He’s probably got several thousand! His hobby used to be chickens….’show chickens’. Used to, when ya visited his mill, there were chickens every where. They liked to get into the rafters of the buildings and barn, you had to be careful when looking at wood or you could certainly get “splattered” (to be polite) and you could always tell the wood you got from Good Hope, outside of being super nice, it might be well marked. They must have been some busy chickens as it seemed every board was marked. The chickens are gone now and it’s day lilies. How you get from chickens to lilies is beyond me but again, if you recall, he has a zebra wood floor in his barn. Norman and Skip are super folks, never boring!

Well, I’m working on my bubinga chairs and beginning the seed press, finishing up the newsletter and Sherri will get that out later today.


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4 Responses to Hangin’ Out with TJ

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Maybe it wasn’t really zebra wood – just well marked.


    And after having chickens you had to grow plants next, right? After all, you have a large supply of . . . fertilizer.

  2. bob says:

    Wow , you are short! That or Mr. Jefferson got taller then I thought! bob

  3. Jefferson was 6′ 2 1/2 “…I am exactly 6′ the statue was done to very exacting standards..using documents and his clothing…he was very slim as well

  4. teenagewoodworker says:

    i dont know what youre talkin about bob… i can barely tell the difference between the two šŸ™‚

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