Hope They’re Hungry

Hope all had a nice weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there!

Well, tomorrow I’m heading over to Monticello and checking out Mr. Jefferson’s seed press and we will get started on that. Today I am processing some Bubinga for some chairs and getting ready to turn some bed posts, couple of candle stand bases and so forth.

Sherri reminded me I have a newsletter to write this week as well.

I got a lot more stuff planted this week. The rain finally stopped and the soil dried out a bit. I picked up a few more tomato plants, now have about 30 as well as some onions, about 250 of those and some other stuff, seems everyone likes giving me plants and seeds. Guess cause I can’t help but plant them. I’m not going to tell you the garden grew a little bigger cause it didn’t, but a few flower beds that hadn’t been put to use yet, yep…hey, tomatoes and broccoli are pretty as well.

I now have three varieties of tomatoes and have to plant them well apart as they will cross pollinate.

The first tomatoes and peppers already have some blooms, I pinch these off to give the plant time to mature and strengthen, I’ve already got cucumbers about 1″ long, I also planted 8 more plants (free).

I will maybe get some pictures a little later in the summer, but we grow a nice patch. Now the question will be what to do with all it yields, the soil is dead on 6.5ph, perfect….I tested it again, did a little organic fertilizer. The soil is old rich river bottom on what used to be an old plantation, it’s rich as it gets and man does it yield. I have planted double in some cases triple what I would normally do, but I think it will be welcome. The food banks are reporting record numbers and this economy thing isn’t real pretty, despite all the make up being applied. We’re willing to keep our nose to the grind stone and see it through.

The garden is an example of how I seem to do things, “often accused of being excessive” but in my mind, it’s a thing of being thorough and making sure I have the bases covered and since I’ve got the space, might as well give the plant a chance.

That’s also how I build, I don’t take chances, I always look to see what is the best way to build it and that isn’t usually the fastest or easiest, but for me, it never fails. I have little tolerance or patience for those who cut corners and slap it out or complain they had to work a little longer and harder. I believe in “Get paid well” and give them more than they paid for. Keeps them coming back.

Well, it’s rainy again today and makes for a dismal Monday. I got a little more sun than I wanted but it’s time to shape some wood, so gonna get to it.

Later ya’ll

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One Response to Hope They’re Hungry

  1. bob says:

    Remember buddy to keep the rows straight! Looking forward to some veggies when we get there. bob

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