A Needed Thing

Today I am going to do some cleaning and organizing , a long over due thing, as well as do some needed sharpening, In the rush of things , stuff gets put where it shouldn’t and it doesn’t take long to be spending time searching for everything , the girls are home working on video stuff, re rendering the bucket video putting up some you tubes and wrapping up some clips I just did for Woodcraft, so today is a good day to get this done, another thing that sparked this was a clip I did for Woodcraft and some material I got when I was in Parkersburg, its called Zerust    http://www.woodcraft.com/family.aspx?familyid=21193&ProductID=149662

I know a little about this product , its been used in industrial   applications for some time, it omits a vapor that inhibits rust , and the other day I pulled out one of my planes to sharpen it and there was some rust under the blade..I wasn’thappy, I try to keep all my stuff oiled and waxed but  all too often I find a light bit of rust on things..especially things that are not used everyday , so I got some of the drawer liner and am going to line my plane drawer , and my router bit tool box, as well as my carving tools…the drawer liner is also non slip..what I demonstrated was the  block that you place in a cabinet or other closed environments so I’m going to make a case to put my saw blades in and use it there..between getting them sorted out and organized as well as adding the rust protection , just will make for a more effective work place…and I will feel better about the storage of my tools…

     Yesterday I also filmed a thing on the jet combo planer/jointer   http://www.woodcraft.com/product.aspx?ProductID=842696&FamilyID=63972

after spending a bit of time working with it, here is my assessment , the unit has good power , about that of a regular lunch box type planer, not a horse but effective, I planed and jointed a 8 ” wide x 68 ” long piece of tiger maple ,I face jointed it as well as edge , then planed it..I took light passes and it did very well…my issues were : it was a bit light and the footprint a bit small for long over the out feed jointing, but then again it was made to be small and light, so in the event I would need to work with longer stock I used a roller stand on the outfeed end and a couple 50 lb bags of sand on a shelf set on the stand braces and Iwas good to go, again this unit isn’t designed to be a huge heavy tool but rather designed to accommodate small shop where space is an issue, and while the weight is light , its easily overcome with the sand, and if it were heavier it would  be hard for one person to handle and besides you would pay alot more as well as pay alot more shipping, on normal 4′ and less stock it did well as is…its all straight knife but the did well on the maple, I have often said the smaller planers do an exceptional job on figured woods because they are slower and the infeed and out feed rollers are not as heavy, a big planer will mash a cupped board flat , and plane it , spit it out the other side nicely planned but still having some cup, smaller planers where the rollers are much gentler do not.

the unit comes in a 10″ as well as a 8″, and a more industrial version in 12″ , for me having the 10″ width is super nice, what I would have to pay for a 10 or 12 ” jointer is not even a comparison, the shorter infeed and out feed tables were not found to be an issue they did extremely well I was amazed how effective they worked on the 68″ board length…

The only other issue I had was the jointer fence does not adjust in on the bed…but as was pointed out by Jet , it would add alot of cost, at 419.00 for the 10″ and 330.00 for the 8 ” its a hard deal to beat. It also has dust collection for both a shop vac as well as 4″ port for dust collectors…In heavy planing the dust collector was much better….to conclude I really liked the unit…it did a nice job, its not for heavy industrial use , nor is it intended to be, but in a home ,hobby shop it is ideal…

Well , Im out to the shop and get some cleaning done, I have again postponed my trip to Monticello until I’m fully recovered from my cold/flu thing, I am feeling a ton better and hope to get over to Mr Jeffersons over the weekend if possible.

Later Ya’ll

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One Response to A Needed Thing

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    that tool has always intrigued me because i wasnt sure how well it would perform with such small tables. its good to hear that it works good

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