Back in the Saddle!

I got back from the Woodcraft Benefit Auction for Tim Rinehart yesterday about 3pm, it’s about a 7 hour drive and a whirlwind trip. The auction went well, a lot of nice products were sold. I scored a few myself, there were some really good deals. I got a couple of shop stools and a couple of garden wagon kits (#147940) which they had on sale, really nice, pneumatic tires, nice steering system and it’s well made, I could put a platform on it and use it to move things around my shop, the wheels are ball bearing and just the wheels and axles are worth the money. I got 2, wish I had got 4. I also bought a signed prototype smoothing plane by Ron Hock of Hock Tools and I also got a Foredom Flexshaft power carver (a dremel on steroids). A Wixey angle gauge that attaches to the blade via magnets for setting angles, would have been nice for the bucket making and a few other odds and ends.

Now, here is a story I shouldn’t tell but seeing how it’s Woodworker’s Safety Week, I will.

For the Doors and Drawers DVD I was routing the rails for the radius door and while looking at the camera and with the guard removed, you got it, finger slips into the router bit, not bad, but it happened. Now, Sherri is zoomed in on the cut – she freaks out – BIG TIME! It wasn’t a serious cut, but it could have been, it goes back to the focus thing. We’re very serious about that Safety Notice at the beginning of our videos, absolutely, do not use the equipment without the guards.

I was working way too close to the bit without a guard and wasn’t focused on where my hand was, I was trying to get it done as it had been my decision to add it at the last minute to the set and you guys had already been waiting and I was holding up shipping. Toward the end of the Bonus Disc, you may notice a finger tucked out of view. So the woodworking safety tip here is: “Stay focused and DON’T put unnecessary deadlines on yourself” I can say that every time I have had an injury in the shop it has been because of deadline pressures.

Now, this isn’t something good to talk about but it is a serious thing. I couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. Did all the compression stuff and cold water, it just wouldn’t stop. When we were at the Woodcraft store over the weekend, Sherri noticed a product called “Quick Clot” Kit (item #149676) for stopping bleeding, we bought one to put in our First Aid Kit, hope we never need it but just in case. Another Safety Tip – “Make sure you have proper supplies in your First Aid Kit” oh, and make sure you have a First Aid Kit!

So, now you know. Be careful guys, it only takes a split second of being distracted or in a rush to get hurt.

The last thing I got while in West Virginia was a cold, a nice one too! Sore throat, stuffy nose, all those lovely things that go along. We have had rain now for about 4 or 5 days, garden is soaked, maybe too much. Temperatures have been in the 50’s, problem was I was dressed for the 90’s on a 50 degree day.

Tomorrow I will be heading over to Monticello to check out the Jefferson Seed Press and get started on that. We also have several case pieces in line so timing is perfect to get started on the upcoming “Cases and Bases” DVD. My plans are to work the next project in as well which will be a “Colonial Hanging Cupboard.” A fun build and a great piece. Gonna get medicated and knock out this cold then it’s rock & roll.

Catch ya later!

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9 Responses to Back in the Saddle!

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Can I point out that, depending on the medication, working around rotating sharp things while medicated might not be a good idea either?

    I know you know this – but that’s how accidents happen, right?

  2. you are so right Ken, im not working today especially with any machines….My grandson ( 21) is here putting sides on the garden wagons…Im supervising…I like that job, beats being supervised…..

  3. David Harms says:

    very sorry to hear about your injury, dont do that agian! i would have waited as long as need be for my copy just to be on the safe side.

  4. Mark Coulter says:

    Glad the cut wasn’t serious. Wixey has a set of calipers that have both decimal and fractional display.

  5. Wayne Raley says:

    Wagon Train

    Wagons are neat, they should carry plenty of groceries out of the garden. Sorry you have cold/flu, get better soon. If you start to have a yen to root around in the dirt you better check for swine flu. hehe

  6. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher says:

    Hurry up, and wait? Hope that your finger is healing and without damage. Did something similar on a chop saw, thinking I coult hold a small piece of wood to quickly finish and edge. Whang! Extreme pain, run to water and flush. More extreme pain. Ignored it later, found it has healed with a crook? fortunate it wasn’t worse. Hey Charles…we can’t hurry. My grandfather use to say “cut it off twice, and it was still too small.”

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  8. Darrell Cumpton says:

    I feel for you, last wednesday I was doing a dangerous thin cut on a tablesaw, grabbed a push stick for my right hand, was almost done, three cuts till I was done…I needed one for my left, now my left index finger is a kerf width thinner, right in the middle, the only thing that helped is my tooth height was about 1/2 the carbide, otherwise it could have been really bad, seven stitches still hurt.

  9. No_limits26 says:

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