Bucket Maker

Now, I don’t profess to be a professional bucket maker, but I think we are coming up with some neat buckets. To keep it simple, we made two jigs for cutting the staves. They are also super simple, I haven’t worried too much about getting them perfectly round. I like the “facet” look. But we will do a couple things to get them round in the video.

Why buckets? Well, we have a special friend who really wants to make some, so we decided to do the video, and it also helps understand compound angles, but I think we have simplified them nicely.

I can cut out a bucket in about 20 minutes, so no matter what you want – a bucket, a planter, wishing well – anything round, you will know how to do it. Besides, it uses up scrap, doesn’t take alot of wood, and they are alot of fun. And you can make them quick. So with all that said, why would you want to go spend $2.95 on a bucket, when you can make your own?

I am also doing the Colonial Hanging Cupboard video. Next Tuesday, I am going to Monticello to view the Jefferson Seed Press, then build it. It will be in the “Cases & Bases” video, as well as several others, including the Bombe. But that’s a little ways off…

Okay guys, back to my buckets, these will sure be handy when the garden comes in.

Later Ya’ll,

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2 Responses to Bucket Maker

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    those are very cool

  2. They look great. The one on the left has a great bucket shape. The one on the right, with the steeper angle, would look nice with a plant in it. Very nice!

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