Getttin rollin

Well , Im processing the material for theJefferson Seed press, and looking to see what day i can get to Monticello to view it in person, no measuring or photos are allowed, but thats ok, let me get a good look and we will do well, I do have some info on it, looking forward to that build, additionally i am starting the Colonial hanging cupboard on line  project video, and we are also going to make some “buckets”, yep wooden buckets, sounds sort of crazy, but wooden buckets teach us some cool skills, figuring out compound angles…and cutting them, shaping a radius, stuff like that, and besides there fun, neat projects…and every one need a bucket from time to time…now i have often said if you ever thing you have reached the level of being a master woodworker, build a barrel….using random width staves and no glue and have it hold water,….its quite a challenge…

   Well i  went to Washington DC over the weekend , did my talk on finishing, but didnt get a chance to drop by the White House and have a chat,…maybe next time

   On the way up, the subject of Bill Gates came up and it was said he has more money Than the US government, I thought about this and said ..” every body has more money than the government”,  and it’s true.

Got a little more garden planted, tomatoes ( maters), and this evening will plant some more stuff, zuccuini , squash, cucumbers, watermelons , cantelopes green beans, and corn…geez , and as much as i have, we will be able to feed a small army, but its fun to watch it grow,.

well it out to the shop and decide what size buckets I want, and get the final planing done on the seed press walnut.


later  Ya’ll

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4 Responses to Getttin rollin

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Not that I’m gardening inclined (I just don’t relax that way) but with a couple of inches of snow on the ground I think we’ll wait a bit to do some planting.

    Hey, I’ll even wait to go finish chopping out that stump in the back yard! 🙂

  2. David Yoho says:

    Just had to say this weekend we fixed some of that corn you gave me and everyone raved about it. Good stuff!!

    Sherri, thanks for forgetting to take the veggies with you. Glad I could give them a home!

  3. yea , that corn is great, and does freeze well, I brought another load the next day and crystal ( intended recipient)was here, so she didnt forget , the whole family eats well from the garden..thats why it grows bigger each year…good Stuff…and Ken, yea snow is a bit tough to work thru, …we are actually about a month earlier this year planting, hoping to get two crops from some things, i managed to do it last year…

  4. Ben Birdsill says:

    Gettin a little jealous here… I don’t put in a BIG garden – usually just tomatoes, jalapenos, maybe one or two others, but we don’t dare plant before mid to end of May – kind of in Ken’s boat here in MT. Oh well, more time for wood!

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