A New Thing

Jet and Woodcraft asked if I would test drive the Jointer/Planer Combo Unit. I got it in and put together, only made a couple runs thru with it but I like what I see thus far. I like the size, height, safety features, seems well powered… This one is a 10″, straight knives, no helical, but it did a nice job on some curly cherry and tiger maple.

I can see where this unit would be real popular with hobby guys or those with small shops.  It set up quick.

I was amazed at the accuracy for having shorter infeed/outfeed, but I will have more time to “check it out” later.

Been wrapping up a ton of loose ends, nothing specific, and just sorta taking it a bit easy.  Recharging, if you will, and working on a few long overdue internet things.

It’s sort of been a spring cleaning, getting all the “I’ll do that tomorrow” stuff out of my way.  I’m glad they’re about done, and so now I can get back in the groove and running again.   That’s hard, when it’s spring.  We are supposed to have temps in the 80’s this weekend.  I could use a shot of that.  Ok guys, got to go clean up the sawdust pile I got out back.  (Good mulch, no walnut).

Later,  Charles

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8 Responses to A New Thing

  1. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Wow that must be a super good unit. Figured woods and no chipout? Did you wet the wood first?


  2. Norman Reid says:

    About your sawdust pile and walnut . . . I’m new to this and starting to save sawdust for mulch. Is walnut bad mulch? Is it because things like tomatoes won’t grow near walnut? What would it do to azaleas, I wonder. Any thoughts?

  3. Ken Weinert says:


    Looks like walnut is bad for some plants, OK for others, and a lot of it depends on the soil.

  4. what i know is that alot of plants walnut will kill, it will also cause any animal with hoofs to get severe infections, if used in stalls and barns , my experience is that it doesnt do all that well for any plant so i dont take any chances, I NEVER use walnut, well actually i do, in places where i do not want growth, I can kill off what ever is growing, then put down a bed of walnut and until the following year not have much issue…but i certainly dont pretend to be an expert on the subject, so i avoid it

  5. Ken Weinert says:

    I’m not an expert either, I just play one on the net 🙂

    I have no experience with it either way. From what that page says it doesn’t do well for a lot of plants and when it comes to “depends on the soil” it means I’d stay away as there’s too much variability there to get consistent results.

    So, it’s supposed to be in the 80s today, I should be able to get out and make some walnut sawdust this afternoon 🙂

  6. David Harms says:

    I saw this on rockler’s website i think, let us know what you think about it, i’ve been wanting to pick up a jointer but something wider then a 6″ if you think the shorter beds are ‘ok’ i just might go with this

  7. David, I really havent had a chance to go thru the machine,my plan is to see just how long a piece I can do well, as well as the planer…it will be First of the week before I get to it

  8. Denis Rezendes says:

    that looks like a cool tool. i just got back from my cousins house for vacation and im really looking forward to catching up on the blogs and finally watching the clock videos 😀

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