Still Writing

Well im still writing the newsletter, and working on a bent lamination thing I used in the door DVD, trying to get
around the steam thing to get it to bend for a raised panel, the issue is that using a verticle raised panel bit on a radius panel which is about all there is to use for a router, the average is 15 degree bevel, which in order to get the angle you have to have a 3/8 thick piece of material which is too thick to laminate bend, or else you will have glue lines showing in the routed profiles…steaming and prebending the thicker piece works, but my guess is that most are not going to be set up to steam a larg enough panel to make a raised panel on say a upper kitchen cabinet door, so some rethinking and figuring are in order here, usually to get a 3/4 or 5/8 panel i like to use at least 5 layers..bends super well , and little spring back, but the door thing is very different, both on the stiles as well as the panel….but the 3/8 is just not going to bend a decent radius unless steamed, so now my thinking is to bend the radius using multi plys, then do a solid wood edge thing to allow for the raised panel…got stuff every where..but i will get it figured out, perhaps some splintering of wood will be needed…but it will get done …
just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you what im up to and hopefully tomorrow I will have it resolved so we can take a look at it , or perhaps Sat, but this is good stuff, curved doors…just a cool thing to do.

later yall,


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