Back at It

Completed the photo shoot for Fine Woodworking, Mark Schofield was the photographer. We didn’t get started until yesterday morning, but I had prepped well and we did it in one day. Wrapped up about 7pm last night, it was interesting.

I will expand on it in the newsletter. I am also writing that today, so today is a day of writing and photos of our own, yet a lot of catching up to do….but what’s new?

Ya know, it seems that I’m always running behind and always have a plate full, but to be honest, I have found that’s when I seem to do my best. I have said that before, but over the last weeke where time to ponder and think was in short supply, I accomplished a lot and all went well. I guess it’s that Type A personality or AAA, Crystal’s opinion.

I mean, I got a plate full….really full, but I keep looking at these gorgeous brass rat tail hinges we had made for our Colonial Cupboard and I’m really itching to do it and coming off a lot of case work, I’m really thinking and been working on a DVD involving cases and since I still have a bombe case here, well….I think that would be cool to show as well. The bombe drawers are in the “Doors and Drawers” DVD. I also need some cabinets in my shop and since I have finished a couple of kitchen cabinets recently, seems like a good time to do it.

I know….I know, the clock video will be up tomorrow, latest Friday, newsletter in a day or so, “Drawers and Doors” DVD heading out and I’m already talking about another video and another DVD. Yep….welcome to my world and I also got a garden to plant and projects to finish.

I’ve told you this many times before, my grandmother, who passed just shy of 100 years old always compared working to a horse drawn plow, she said she had seen many rust out, but never one wore out, well guys I ain’t gettin’ rusty yet.


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