Waiting on the Camera Dude!

Well, since I last had a chance to chat we have been running wide open, literally. Went to the show in York, PA last week,

Rob & Cheryl from General Finishes at York, PA Show

Rob & Cheryl from General Finishes at York, PA Show

got to visit with some folks and got a chance to go over to Mike Galloway’s (mikega) house and see his shop and some of his carvings.
Mike Galloway in his basement shop.

Mike Galloway in his basement shop.

Man, he really does nice work and he is super at that carving. (more photos at the end of the blog) Got back to the shop on Friday about mid-day, felt like I had been run over by a freight train. Just whipped, so took off and hit it again on Saturday morning, running wide open and getting for the photo shoot yesterday and today.

Checking out the Equipment

Checking out the Equipment

I don’t know about you guys, but in the valley here, there are several furniture stores and un-finished furniture stores that boast “Handcrafted by the Amish.” Found it interesting while at the York show (very close to Lancaster) all of the Amish that were there, checking out all of the CNC and production equipment. Just FYI.

In building the step back, as you recall, I had to spline the rails and stiles on the doors, so while it wasn’t in the doors and drawer DVD, it is now. The girls got a might “tiffed” at me because it shut the DVD down but it works so well and it can really help you out so we did it and that’s back getting completed.

Now, as to the title, my 13 year old grandson was at the shop and some one said, “I don’t think you’re gonna get this done by Monday.” Devin says, “Oh yea? My granddaddy will be done, that camera dude won’t be waiting on him, grandaddy will be waiting on the camera dude.

I’ve got a lot to tell you and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the blog, looks like long about Thursday life will settle down until the end of the month. Hopefully we can walk instead of run through the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon.

Later Ya’ll

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8 Responses to Waiting on the Camera Dude!

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    very nice. its always cool to see another woodworkers shop and i love seeing all the carvings mike has. they are simply beautiful.

  2. Mike, is that General Finishes vintage cherry dye stain around the doors? The wood poplar, going to make it look like cherry??


  3. Ben says:

    Can Mike comment on what looks like a homemade drum sander?

  4. Mike says:

    Dennis: Glad you liked my shop. I also like checking out other shops to see what I can add to mine. I tried to get Charles and Sherri to clean it for me while they were here but no luck. I think I need to take some cleaning lessons from Ace.

    Ace: You are correct it is General Finishes Vintage Cherry on the edges of the door panels. I am trying to match the vanity I did earlier. So far things are not gone to well but since this is the first time I tried finishing without Charles here to bail me out I figured I would in for a few learning experences. Tonight I am gone to spend some time watching the Finishing DVD on coloring wood again.

    Ben: I did make the thickness sander. I got the information off the Internet. I will look for it again tonight and get back to you.

  5. charles neil says:

    ok mike , (not going to well,) what seems to be the issue….lets get her fixed up….talk to me..bet i can get Charlie to straighten it out..( mikes dad)

  6. Mike says:

    Can’t get it red enough.
    Here is what I have done so far (please hold your laughter till I am done)
    1. sprayed on Vintage Cherry dye
    2. sprayed on Rosewood stain.
    3. put on tinted sander sealer left over from vanity.
    4. wife said it is not red enough.
    5. wiped some warm cherry on a test piece and it looked much better.
    6. sprayed on a coat of shellac because the warm cherry is oil based and the sander sealer is water based.
    7. wiped on the Warm Cherry.

    Now I am waiting for the oil finish to dry. Do I need to spray on more shellac before putting on the water based tinted sander sealer again? Would a glaze help? Can I tint the top coat?

    Ok you can laugh now!!!

  7. I used Mohawk’s Dark Red Mahogany Heavy Bodied Glaze on a desk and it definately had a reddish tone to it. I ordered it online and I can look it up if you can’t find it locally. Using a glaze made a world of difference.

  8. Mike says:

    Ben: Here is the link for the drum sander that I built
    I also have a word doc. that I can send you if you email me at mikega720@yahoo.com.

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