Ahhhh – Paradise

After the clocks and this and that’s, (Sherri will be uploading the clock episodes this week) I finally had time to get to the step back we need done by next Monday for the FWW photo shoot. Here is the deal, I have to assemble the upper case, feet, crown and raised panels for the article, they arrive Monday afternoon and are here on Tuesday as well then leave for another shoot and return on Thursday morning to finish building and “finish” the piece. They want it completely finished. I’m quick, but to complete a build and do a complete finish and have a painted interior on top is a bit much for one day, really makes you wonder if these guys really do any woodworking. Now, to top this off I have to go to a show for two days at the end of this week, but then comes the real kicker, my thinking on how much cherry I had was in error, big time. I don’t have enough regular cherry to do it and I don’t have enough curly cherry to do it, so it’s time to punt. At the moment, it seems every mill who is local is closed, that’s nice.

So, not to be out done, I had two big 12′ long x 20 and 24″ wide 8/4 slabs. I have had them for about 4 years so they are nice and dry, but they were cut from the heart of the tree so we’ve got heart dead center, not a good thing. I split the slabs down the middle, luckily I don’t have a large heart to deal with (watch the specialty lumber mill video and you will understand) but on either side of the heart the material is 1/4 sawn, where we have nice straight grain, virtually no cathedral grain. I got these slabs or rather had them sawn for chairs because I wanted that 1/4 grain….it bends nicely, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I split the heart, which will be removed and planed them a little, then re-sawed and re-sawed some more, then I left them lay out and equalize, I have very little cup from the resawing because it is 1/4 grain. Very stable. Makes the best door stock in the world and I think I’ll have enough for all the exterior surfaces so it becomes one log or one tree….I like that. I will have to do some glue-up but I will also have book matched everything and as well, good natural color and figure. This will work. I have a call into Justin at Willow Run and perhaps will go see what he has but I’ve got to get to the gettin’ quickly. Then again, a 1/4 sawn piece would be beautiful and quite rare as well. I’ll keep you informed but for the moment, it’s “Life in Paradise” and should prove interesting to say the least.


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3 Responses to Ahhhh – Paradise

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    those are some beautiful boards. it must kill you to have to cut it down like that but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  2. Denis, having to cut them up didnt bother me, lugging the things from upstairs ( two story shop) , now that bothered me…and even after cutting them into smaller pieces..they were pretty heavy to handle by my self, but after some grunting and groaning and a few adult phrases..I got them done

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya i can see how that would be a hard thing to do. i remember seeing david marks once cut open a vase he did on woodworks to show the walls of it. from the look on his face it was obvious that he didnt want to do it. haha

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