Well, I’ve got to tell ya….

The clock build is about done. How did I get five clocks, Geez. As usual, the video is longer than I thought it would be. In about a day and a half I can have five clocks built and ready to go, start to finish, filming and explaining and all of the details, five days. Now you understand the time thing. Then it takes about two days to get it edited and made into a video and then get it uploaded.

Today, Crystal is going to be painting a floral design on one of the clock’s bottom panels. We have a photo of an original, while the Shaker’s were not into “embellishing” any thing, it says this clock was either sold or given to someone in “the World”. So, just for fun, we decided to “go for it.”. Here is a photo of the tiger maple and cherry clocks with one coat of oil on them. I’m using Waterlox, I like the amber hue it imparts. All of these clocks will be finished with oil.

Got some shots of the step back doors and top. Everything is coming along nicely. Just a lot of parts! We have had a lot of rain so dry times are a bit slower, especially in the final coats as we no longer have the absorption properties of the wood, but Waterlox dries and builds so well, it’s also great for floors!

I have rarely bought router bits in sets because it seemed that I got a couple I needed and the rest was, well, I never used them. Now I hope you are all familiar with Eagle America, one of our sponsors. They also have their “Price Cutter” bits which are simply put “off shore” made and a lot less expensive, such is life these days. Any way, I’ve been using a lot of the PC bits lately and I will tell you flat out, if there is a difference in the performance, I have yet to see it. Just a fact.

Now, the guys at Eagle put together a 70 piece bit set and I’ve gotten one, it runs $299.00 for 1/2″ or 1/4″ shank (right now the 1/4″ shank set is on sale for $179.00) and it includes a case, which can be wall mounted, that even shows the profiles. I’m going to write more in the upcoming newsletter but thought I’d give you an early bird look.

I have a lot of router bits and I roughly calculated how much I would have to buy these for separately in the US made bits. It’s about $2K to $2500 – NO JOKE! Eagle says it’s about $1250.00 for individual in the PC brand. Now, I could go on and on and on about what is in this set but TAKE A LOOK (CLICK HERE) to see for yourself. I will tell you this with few exceptions, it has every bit I used in the Router DVD and then some. Also has the bits I used in the “Pie Crust”. My set is 1/2″ shank, you can take this set and to expand it, add some router guides or some bearings and stop collars and your capabilities with a router just became endless. Honestly guys, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this set and the bits.


Here i another item that will be in the Tool Crib – it’s my Adria Dove Tail Saw. If you ever wanted to do hand cut dove tails, here it is. Jeff Fleischer (chpcrvr) had one and let me take a look at it. Was love at first cut! This is simply the sweetest saw I ever had my hands on and I’ve got a few others I paid a lot more for. It’s not cheap, but worth every penny.

One of the things in handcutting dove tails is having a rigid blade that is super sharp and cuts quick. A poor or dull saw where you have to “saw it” is the primary reason for off tracking. Just a few pulls and you should be done. This baby is the best I have ever seen.

Okay, time to get Crystal painting and more clocks done. Got to get some more oil on the step back and I’ve got a few other projects going and need to get another step back done.

Later Ya’ll.

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1 Response to Well, I’ve got to tell ya….

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    those clocks look very nice. i cant wait until the videos are out im really excited to see them being built. the dovetail saw it really nice to. im gonna have to take a look into that once i get the projects i have in my shop moving out. so i can get to work on a workbench and start to organize the shop some more.

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