You’ve Got to See This!

It’s Wednesday – time is getting close, I’ve got to get the step back going for the photo shoot and I am going to start my next DVD. Not sure what the title will be yet but the content is all about building cases. Thought the step back would be a good one to have in it because this one will have a tower of drawers in the center. It will cover laying out the upper shelves so that they fall behind the glass door mullions, making adjustable shelves in the bottom case, going to tackle a little design and proportion in this one, a tough subject but I will be doing it from a practical stand point, not a bunch of calculations. I will be showing you what has worked well for me for years. I’m also going to do kitchen and bath cabinets, we have a lot of different ways to make cabinets and cases these days, so I’ll fall back heavily on how I do them. I try to do cabinets, fast and simple but effectively and will show you how I make them without sacrificing sound woodworking principals.

I think I’ve already mentioned it but I am going to be going very hard at completing my video library in the coming months. We are also going to be doing re-makes of some of our older ones with better sound and video. In addition, we will do some single titles expanding on some of the newer finishing products and techniques.

Our friend Kevin of Texas Timbers has a little video up about a new way to “log” trees. Kevin and Terry, his wife, are also the owners of Kehoe Jigs and Kevin is also the “box elder” guy.

I’d say that Kevin has some good ol’ Southern Red Neck in him and the ability to think a bit outside the box, well, I’ll let you watch the video, I think you’ll enjoy it!

Kevin is surely my kind of guy. Never let a difficult task “whoop your butt”.

Later y’all

Here is the narrative Kevin has with his video on youtube.

Lazy Logging. Just an excuse to have a little fun really. These woods are going to be cleared soon so no innocent trees are being decimated. The sycamores will be milled for lumber, and the two oaks we blew up will be used for firewood. Much of the wood has laready been split. 😀 Sierra Clubbers need not rant. The 26″ oak was downed with a 3 pound charge. 2.5 pounds were a shaped charge (I just used a cheap, thin plastic welding rod canister) inserted into a bore hole in the tree. The tree was weakened with wedge cuts parallel to the long slender charge.

When the charge failed to detonate the first time, I taped a 1/2 lb. canister to the front of the bore hole to set off the shaped charge with a sympathetic explosion. I figure the failure was due to the shooter’s angle of fire; the projectile could not travel down the axis of the welding canister from our firing angle, so it only caught a small portion of the charge, and was not enough to detonate it. That’s my theory anyway. We did not want to relocate because the Bois D’ Arc tree we were behind offered great protection, a stable firing platform, and was the right distance for where the shooter already had his scope optimized.

The smaller oak was downed with only 1.5 lbs of non-shaped charge. Tannerite was used. The projectile in both cases was a 240 grain soft point .44 magnum, shot from a lever-action Marlin rifle. ”

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5 Responses to You’ve Got to See This!

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Kevin, will we be seeing you on the History Channel “Ax Men” program next season???

  2. Hey Mike…think of the possibilities…what about a fishing show…drop some of that “fishing powder” in the lake and klaplowie scoop them up with a net….


  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow thats a very interseting way of logging haha

  4. I wondered who besides me saw “Lazy Logging” as a just a front for “Lazy Fishing”. ;-D

  5. copperbasinwoodworking says:

    Tannerite is way cool stuff to play with woohoo

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